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sorry I have stopped my post like that, but I had to go and my fingers were aching 😀 but I didn’t forgot so I came back and I want to get my post until the end. there’s one last very important question from as much as I know and it sounds something as the following: I am being concerned about risks, however I would still want to get the benefits of HGH… so what do I do? I must remember you that HGH are a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with a man made hormone. there are the most well known authorities who are saying something like this: the hormone replacement therapy with the synthetic HGH injection it is STILL new, and that is why we cannot know the long term effects. I believe this might be updated nowadays since some time has already passed. whatever the case, here’s the same book that says this:

those people who are being worried about the safety and the cost of synthetic injections, and yet, they still want the numerous benefits of the HGH, they might consider to use the products in order to promote the improved production of human growth hormone by their own pituitary gland. and one last thing here there is a book that was written a long time ago, nearly 20 years ago (in 1999) and it was written by one of the foremost authorities. in that book I’ve read something like:

with the way that anti aging science it is advancing (but I need to remember you again, this was nearly 20 years ago), the injections may soon be obsolete. there are new sublingual (which means under tongue) spray releasers.

whatever the case I still must say: if you are being concerned about the safety of the synthetic HGH injection therapy then there’s still a solution for you: why wouldn’t you just consider homeopathic HGH? it is a lot much more safer and it still gives you the same HGH benefits. that articles that it is talking about the increased risk of cancer that is under development it is referring to those people who are using the injections. it is a bit different with the homeopathic HGH products as these ones are helping the pituitary gland to increase and to balance its own naturally made growth hormone production and release but as I have said in my other post, it is always better when your body does something on its own, naturally, than to take something else from outside sources especially when it is synthetic. Homeopathic just help your pituitary gland to do its job, it doesn’t replace it as with the HGH injections. there have been no studies that would suggest the HGH in the homeopathic form to cause an increased risk for cancer or anything in this matter. in fact, I can say that it is being said that in more than 200 years of the use of the homeopathic medicines they have never ever caused harm or gave side effects or anything in this matter. in short, you get the benefits of that something (HGH in our case) and you risk with nothing. I do run HGH myself but I run it in homeopathic form so I recommend everyone else to do the same. I’m doing it for more than 10 years now and I am absolutely all fine.

anyway, to make a conclusion about the HGH and cancer I can say that I personally am looking at it as the following: when we are young then our natural human growth hormone level, of course, it is at its highest which means that we’re all feel absolutely fine. well, during this time of our youth we are at our lowest risk for cancer and we all know this, but then as we are aging our HGH level is decreasing and our risk for cancer is getting increased. although HGH injections never cause cancers, there are still other drawbacks and in light of everything else mentioned above: I personally would recommend homeopathic HGH which would keep your HGH levels stable and would keep you away from bad effects. I really hope this is going to be helpful for some people.