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also I must add that besides the fact that the body is becoming dependent on those injections, one of the reasons why the side effects are occurring it is the fact that it is not being natural for the body to have to deal with and break down its entire day’s worth of growth hormone all in just one dosage, or maybe as some people use it, in 2 doses per day. this is just not fine. it is as if your heart would pump blood only 2 times a day and the rest of the day it won’t. of course, you’re gonna feel it. the same goes here. the pituitary gland is naturally releasing small spurts of HGH at various times all throughout the day as it is needed and so this can cause issues, of course. you might not feel the side effects immediately, but your body surely would.

in addition to that, I would also want to add that even though using the injections may bring about muscle gains faster than usual it happens, the injections are not the only effective way to optimize the growth hormone in the human body. I can tell you that over the last 10 years and maybe even more, I have discussed with a lot of body builders and athletes, also even including professional athletes too who have received some really great benefits by using the homeopathic form of HGH (somatropin). as I have said, those are professional athletes and body builders so it is obvious that they are not able to take any injections because of the drug testing, however they are able to use HGH and also IGF- 1 too itself but only in the homeopathic form. otherwise, of course, the drug testing shows their use and they can get banned. this is a much safer alternative as they do receive the muscle, the increased strength as well as stamina benefits too and not only because they are also getting the enhanced healing that some of our NFL players really need and the most amazing part is that they do not need to worry about the risks or about the side effects from using anything like this. and also, of course, they are not getting into trouble whenever they are getting through the drug testing and everything’s fine.

I must add that I do know very well that there are those people who are thinking that only the injections are the only effective way of getting it, but I must tell you, from all that I have learned and from all my experience/ observations – that’s just not true, simple as that, unless your pituitary gland can no longer make its own growth hormone. in case you are having a normal pituitary gland and any decrease it is due to the aging process then I can tell you that most of the people, in fact, do not really need the injections. again, I don’t want to say that absolutely nobody really needs them, I do know that there are some people who do, but then again, by far not all. trust me I know what I’m saying. again, as I said, I’m working as a registered nurse and we are having patients that are in their 70s and 80s (as you can understand, their growth hormone levels should be very low) who are keeping their IGF 1 at a much more youthful level without using those injections… again, that’s only because they don’t need to use them. there are alternatives and I always said that whenever there are alternatives, you must go after the safest one, or at least that’s what I think of it.

I’ve got to tell you that using the HGH injections as opposed to use a non injection product it is quite similar to the therapy of diabetics too.. what I try to say is that there are some diabetics who cannot make their own insulin and this is the reason why all of their insulin must come from any outside sources otherwise they are left with no insulin at all, that’s in the time that there are other people who are able to use a non insulin product that is going to help them to make much more of their own insulin. having that said, they are not aiming to take as much insulin, they are aiming to take something that would trigger their body to make as much insulin as possible on its own. having that said I can mention that to me it is going to be really really strange if a doctor would tell a diabetic patient that he is going to give him a product that is going to increase his own production of insulin while the patient is going to insist continuously on using insulin injections instead of that, instead of allowing his body make his own insulin. in short, it’s like you are trying to treat the root of the problem, the problem itself, and not only trying to hide away the symptoms of that problem.

well… anyway, I do know and I understand that most likely, what I have written here it is not what you have been searching for. I do know and I understand… however I just wanted to give you my opinion if that’s worth anything since from as much as I understood, you came here on this board searching for help and trying to get opinions and experiences and so that’s why I shared this. and plus to that, since I’m a nurse I do think that this should be at least worth of anything as I did have seen things in my entire practice… plus to that, being a nurse I’m always happy to provide any information that could be any helpful to you or anyone else. if you want to ask me anything, always feel free to do so. trust me I will try to help. I wish you all the best and good luck in achieving your goal.