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yes, you are right, but look, you should know that there still isn’t going to be anyone who is going to break it down for you step by step and even if there would, I still wouldn’t follow it religiously. that’s because there is just no one way that you can do things and it never was. that’s why you must be very careful… what I try to say is that what may work for me may not work for you and vice versa, this is why I said that even if someone would try to break it down for you step by step, it still doesn’t mean that it would work . that is why you must go to a doctor, you must go and visit one and talk as much as possible, ask as much as possible and he’s gonna give you answers based on your on statistics, and even so it is not going to be all sure that those are correct answers. and plus to that, you must know that you should not go to any doctor, you must visit an endocrinologist, he’s going to help you much more than other doctors. so go to an endocrinologist specialist and tell him what are your goals, what are you trying to achieve and to figure out what it is wrong with you. as I said, ask as many questions as possible and try to get answers based on your own statistics.

as for myself I have to tell you that I have just supplied you with information that I have found myself during my journey I had and a bit of ‘collected’ information here that I thought it is important to share. this is only the information that is going to help steer you in the right direction and only that, you must know this is not the information given to you as a diagnosis or telling what you must do or anything in this matter. you’ve gotta know that there is no such thing as a magical solution. it is all only about trial and error and nothing more. remember that there is much less chance of error when you are researching based on the results of your own symptoms and test results. if it works for most people it doesn’t mean that it is going to work for you too, keep that in mind. hope this would be helpful