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hi there. look, from as much as I know, anywhere between 2 to 4 iu a day it is the recommended amount for the anti aging process and for fat loss, that is why, I am not sure how 1 iu a day is going to work. I just know that it all depends a lot on your base line gh blood levels. plus to that, you’ve asked about cycles and that’s another question that I doubt I will be able to respond. the reason is that your cycle is going to greatly depend on your age, on your body weight, on the goals that you have and so on and so forth. that is why, I doubt that I can help you with more than this. also, I am not very sure if you can go without cycling if you take just one iu a day and how safe and beneficial it would be if you do so. I just can tell you that I could help you more if I would know more about you, but only in terms of cycling and dosage. if you want, write here or write me privately your age, goals, your body weight etc. etc. and I will try to help. also go and talk with your trainer more. it is always good to get more opinions and to get as much information as possible. as for now, just read, read and read. do your research as much as possible. it is very good to know as much as possible about anything that you intend to use. this way you can be prepared for nearly anything and you know what you can expect. good luck and as I said, if you have any more questions, write them here or write me privately and I will try my best to help.