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I just think that the big problem is that there might be somebody who could put product in a package that is having valid authenticity features and marking as well… and in fact, I do think that people are doing this, obviously for money purposes. and so, having that said, how does anybody knows FOR SURE that they are really going to purchase a legit product?! keeping in mind that we all know HGH are expensive and that they are really often counterfeited (especially nowadays), we just can’t get any reassurance! do they send some of it in for a lab test? do they take some and after that getting a test in order to calculate their levels? generally, is this feasible at all? also, does this pinpoint the type, the purity, the dosage, the time integrity as well as the time frame in storage and transit and overall viability of the product?! I mean…. please, are those metrics even verifiable at all? is there anybody who can know for sure just based on the finding of one product shipment that all of the subsequent shipments are going to meet the exact same criteria??

in fact, the more I write the more questions comes into my mind and with all of that said I think that we could have nearly infinite questions on this. like for example, does someone have recourse if they are somehow getting ripped off? and also, given the lack of recourse, what are the chances or likelihood or call it whatever of there being incentive to rip somebody off?!

in addition to that, does it make sense for the big pharmaceutical companies to purchase the prescription regulated, instructed and mandated, therefore, for the treatment of some specific indications, specialty product, at some lucrative profits in the time that the company is going to provide something expired, inert or simply just something that it is under dosed to specifications? again, these are only a few questions that came into my mind but there are still a lot of them.