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yes, you are definitely right on the fact that the prices for HGH can be high. I do know very well that a kit from a pharmacy can run you up to almost $ 1500 or so in some areas… however there are just 2 things I have to tell you in regards of this. 1) i do think that really good stuff that really helps costs a lot because resources are spent to ‘create’ such things. plus it is really worth it when it is about your life and health. and 2) is that I will NEVER pay that much. as I just said, it is true that it doesn’t really matter how much money we are talking about when we talk about your life and health, however there is still ways to get it… well, much cheaper. I personally have been using HGH for just a better part of the 8 years or so. and currently, those are what I have been running for the last 6 months (or a bit more) and frankly, I have never been so happy with them. I consider myself to be really really lucky to be able to get those. it is all my bros and I am now running. the thing is that they are not generic, they are not labeled cans, they are no plain white box and they are not having any authentication stickers that you can go and verify on the website, but that’s the point of why they are the way they are – so cheap. they are by far not as costly and to be honest, although they are cheaper, they are even a tad bit overdosed… believe it or not. I just think that pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies are searching for the best profit out of little investment. what’s why you get little for lots of money and ‘verification’ on websites.