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hi and thank you a lot for writing this. I imagine that one would really need like 10 years to acquire all this information and I just imagine how much time you needed to only write this. I appreciate it very much because I imagine the effort you put to make this. what I wanted to say is that there is a friend of mine who has acquired a lot of the growth hormone of a pharmaceutical grade by the Teva company, that’s a company based in Israel. but well.. this has been back in those days when he was still have a ton of money and he had everything he wanted and didn’t even know what else to do with it. anyway, I do not really remember the exact dosages for it, however I do think that he has been trying out approximately 3 or maybe 4 iu per day and a lot of what you are explaining is true, or at least I remember what he has told me. I remember very well how he told me at least a few times how his skin would rejuvenate from using this stuff. he also said a lot about his muscles getting bigger and his energy/ sleep getting improved. so I assume that the rest of what you said here is true either. but one more thing that I can remember is he have had to refrigerate it and one day his wife has been pissed a lot at him and she knew he has stored the ‘supplements’ in a certain compartment and so, she threw it out. what I can clearly remember is that the price for this stuff is… let’s say not for everyone. I mean, I remember him saying that there are fakes or china stuff that he never tried and doesn’t know how they worked. but one legit thing for just one months supply (and as I said, he wasn’t really having financial issues at all) costs like thousands of dollars and he has actually shopped around on it as soon as he have had the legal nod from a ‘wellness clinic’. this stuff might be good, but what makes me stay away from it is that it is not cheap at all. I mean, you surely cannot purchase it by just saving your allowance for it. if there’s one thing that it is being counterfeited or it is sold pure bunk in the world of physique enhancement then there’s no place for question that it is growth hormone!