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hi there everyone. I see that so far there’s nobody who commented and I guess that this is because of the lack of questions. anyway. I’ve read my post and I have realized that I have not said anything about me. well, I have been using HGH for nearly 10 years now. no I haven’t taken it for that long without stopping because as I said in my first post, everything should be balanced, I was taking it on and off in cycles. both on and off cycle. as I have started my first post – there’s the question whether is HGH making you have a bigger penis or not. I have been asked this question pretty much a lot of times in the past (after I’ve been saying that I used HGH for 10 years) and since there’s the well known fact that the HGH it is promoting the growth to absolutely ALL the body’s organs. therefore people wonder whether it enlarges penises or not. before that I should say that from as much as I have learned, only the testosterone is able to increase penis size and that’s only during the puberty and I’ve also ready that as soon as you have gone past your puberty then there is no way to increase the size of the penis with any hormones. well, I honestly believe that this is false and I say so based on my experience with HGH.

so, to make it short, the answer to that question is: definitely YES! HGH will, in fact, truly enlarge your penis. I am not very sure if I am able to say that I have experienced any change in length (even if there is some, I can’t be sure about it), however I am damn sure that there is a change in girth! and it is not the thing that I just think or suppose that it is true, I know that it is true because my X wife as well as my X girlfriends have confirmed this for me. I personally have started to notice a change in size after approximately 9 months or so of using it but it certainly got bigger. granted, I have also been using both insulin and IGF during that time… however I still know that it has been the HGH that has promoted the growth on my penis. plus to that, it is also not only me or my wife and girlfriends who told me that it enlarge (so you might think that they said it to make me feel better or whatever), I have also asked some other long term users about this and those 5 other people that I have asked (but then again, each one of them long term users) have ALL told me that they have noticed a change in their size (girth to be more exact) of their penises after using the HGH for at least one year. and yeah, the same thing also goes for the size of the testis either.

there’s no need for you to just believe my words. in case you want to try HGH you are going to see it yourself and this can be further confirmed by your long term wife/ girlfriend who had sex with you prior to use it and after a year. plus to that, as I have said in my previous post, I am also going to share some things that you and anybody can do in order to improve the use of HGH.

here are some of those things:
1) you need to avoid high glycemic foods. the insulin it is a direct inhibitor of the HGH secretion. those foods that are high in glycemic are playing an havoc role with your insulin levels thus causing them to either spike or surge above the normal level, above healthy levels. it is not only the fact that it is increasing the risk for developing type 2 diabetes but it can also have an very powerful effect on reducing the human growth hormone secretion, something that you surely wouldn’t want to happen. so make sure you won’t eat high glycemic foods at all cost.
2) you’ve got to have an adequate sleep if you want to get the most out of HGH. the reason is that the highest concentration of the HGH activity it is occurring during the deep sleep so if you’re not gonna have a good and adequate sleep you’re most likely not going to take much of it. this plays an very important role in this as there are different studies that have proven the fact that irregular sleeping patterns and general inadequate sleep can dramatically reduce the amount of human growth hormone secretion. I can clearly remember what has been said by a doctor who was studying this (I might not literally quote it but I’m sure that the point is the same):
both the testosterone as well as growth hormone production peak during sleep. you can actually get people to test pathologically low for the growth hormone by simply waking them up repeatedly during the night.
I remember that doctor saying that if people want to maximize their growth hormone then they have to get a good night’s sleep. and I totally do agree with him.

3) you must exercise. it is obvious that exercising boost the effects of HGH. the type, the duration as well as the level of intensity of your exercise program is going to have varying effects on the secretion of HGH. there have been done multiple studies showing how an exercise intensity that it is pushing your body to a lactate threshold is able to trigger an excised- induced HGH release for no less than 24 hours. most of the athletes are creating this lactic acid formation in order to stimulate the HGH release simply by using high intensity but short duration of exercises. however, there are still several studies that have shown that some properly administered circuit training programs that are using relatively light resistances can be exactly as effective in stimulating the production of the human growth hormone. either is that true or not I can’t be sure, what I am sure about is that in the end, you must exercise for achieving good result with HGH.
4) the fourth point is in a very close relation with the third point and that’s because you need to reduce your abdominal fat, as I said in my first post. if you are carrying excess of fat around the mid section of your body (abdomen) then you are going to be reducing your body’s ability to produce HGH. plus to that, I guess we all know that usually, a person who is havign an excess of stomach or abdominal fat it is also suffering from both insulin and leptin resistance which usually leads to diabetes type 2. this is the reason why you must do pretty much the same as what an diabetic type 2 person must do (by working to restore your body leptin sensitivity) and accomplish those 3 positive health benefits: to improve the blood sugar control, to reduce body fat as well as to improve human growth hormone as well as IGF 1 production.

5) L arginine. simply by writing this in google you’re going to be given why it is so important and why so many men prefer it. it has a lot of health benefits especially in men because it improves sex drive, penis erection, has a positive impact on your muscles as well as on testosterone and HGH. L arginine is an essential amino acid! talking specifically about L arginine in regards of HGH (but then again, L argining has lots of benefits) when it is being properly brought into your system then it can increase the release of the HGH. However, the combination of the L arginine intake with exercise, and that’s especially resistance training or interval training exercise, then it can produce an even greater increase in the human growth hormone.

6) the late night snack is something that you must think of. your last snack before the bedtime can have an impact on either your fat stores or on your HGH production, however be sure that it is not going to have an impact on both of them. everything that high carbohydrate snacks before your bedtime is going to do is only going to feed your fat cells, making you accumulate more fat and generally making you feel… worse. they are not doing absolutely anything good that would stimulate the production of the human growth hormone. BUT, what you should know is that a high protein and absolutely low carbohydrate snack eaten approximately one hour before the bedtime is able to serve for a dual purpose for you. what I try to say is that due to the fact that it is low carbohydrate, it is minimizing the release of the insulin (keep in mind that the insulin it is being counter productive for the secretion of HGH). due to the fact that it is being high in the essential amino acids it is helping your body’s natural ability to produce human growth hormone. what I try to say is that late night snack is bad, but depending how and what you take because it can be, actually, beneficial. so you’ve just got to keep your snack under 200 calories and at least one hour or so before the bedtime.
7) another very important thing that you’ve got to keep in mind it is Glutamine. just remember that your body’s most abundant amino acid it is glutamine. this is essential and very important. I would recommend to have as much glutamine as possible and that’s because there are studies that have proven that consuming even only a modest amount of glutamine (which is considered to be around 2000 mg) then it already can increase HGH levels. it is your ally that you should keep in mind and try to keep a good level of it if you want to have enough HGH levels that are going to help you greatly.
8) there is another thing which is as much as important: Glycine. this is another essential amino acid and it also has the potential to benefit the human growth hormone production as well. the research has shown that the glycine is playing a critical role in initiating the normal patterns of the REM sleep and as I said, REM sleep is making HGH more effective. in a 2007 study that has been published in Sleep and Biological Rhythms, those researches have proven that glycine administered orally just prior to the bedtime have significantly improved the quality of the sleep for the tested subject, hence this stuff is extremely important for us. and yeah, the tested subjects have been chronic insomniacs. and you know… since this is so important for HGH production, in addition to helping improve their sleep patterns, one of the side effects have been an improvement in the HGH production as well. this is perfectly making sense and that’s because proper sleep it is a critical factor in the body’s ability to properly regulate its circadian release of the human growth hormone.

so, that’s pretty much everything that I wanted to share here with you guys on the importance of HGH and how to make it very effective. as always, if you have some questions feel free to answer them here or ask me privately and I will try my best to answer them. I really hope this would help any of you.