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hey there OP, I’ve got to tell you that I have also came to this conclusion as well. I am having a test cycle and everything ready to go, however I am simply just not ready to sacrifice or to risk with my natural system and I have not started my first cycle so far. to be honest, I would really love a lot to run HGH for a long time and to know that it works. I am ready to get through all that time without results and then knowing that I’m gonna get them because I do know that it takes indeed a long time in order to see any significant results. but to be honest, I am not very sure even if HGH is worth because I can see where my natural system is able to take me with a proper diet and with a proper training plan and I will most likely save up for a long cycle of pharm grade HGH in the meantime. I can’t be sure, of course, but to be honest I do think and I feel that it is a big step and there is indeed a lot to be considered. we’re gonna see. I just have to learn and consider whether is it worth it because we all know that natural is the best, so, I am trying to keep this ‘natural’ system, train, diet, supplements etc. etc.