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the reason why I do not use steroids is that, as you have said, most people who searches for such stuff is firstly searching for steroids – the same goes with me, I did have used steroids already but it turned out with too many and unbearable side effects so I just don’t use it anymore. too many sides that I personally am not comfortable with as I do know that there are lots of other people using there. many people among those I personally know.

but, I got really curious when you said that nearly all HGH is fake. is that everybody’s experience on getting fake stuff or is there any legit HGH that it is still being available through the right sources? I guess it is obvious the reason why I ask… since I am interested in learning HGH I doubt that I will stop until I am not going to try it at least once. so, I am obviously interested in resources. thanks in advance again.