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well… if you are interested in trying out some stuff that would help you with your work out then I really cannot understand why you need specifically HGH. I mean, I do know that it can be helpful, however I am just curious as to why you just don’t use or don’t want to use the steroids for such stuff… usually this is what people is searching for. I mean… the HGH needs to be ran for like 6 months or maybe even more in order to finally really see some results from using it. you’ve got to use it for a while and you’re not even sure if you would get the results or not… most of the people really seem to think that pharm grade it is the only way to go which is extremely and extremely pricey. and in addition to that, most of the HGH out there it is fake. what I try to say is that you have good chances that you are going to be disappointed. and I am not recommending steroids, I just try to say that most people searching for such stuff is searching for steroids.