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[quote] well, I do try to understand what you are talking about, but the thing is that the main active ingredient it is octacosanol and I do think that this is natural, isn’t it? I mean, this might help and might be a bit less dangerous since it is natural, no? [/quote]

hey there OP, I am really not trying to come down on you here because I really think that you are doing it all right and that’s very good all you do here, I mean, by asking before buying anything or even trying it out without knowing anything. so I do think that you’ve done the right thing and deciding to stay away from it is also a good idea. what I wanted to say is that you should not forget that ‘natural’ surely does not mean that it is safe… have you ever heard of lead or mercury? well, both are perfectly natural and they are pure substances (natural!!!) but I am damn sure that I would not call the being safe as they surely are not. there’s just so much hype out there. as soon as you know the bunk products and you are go reading their hyped reports/ ads. with time you are going to start to notice a pattern in there ‘phraseology’. plus, there is surely no substitute for doing your own research as well. hope you would do it.