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hey there guys. I thought about answering your question but I was also thinking about making a new thread on the IGF basics. but anyway, since I am mostly trying to answer your question OP, I still decided to place this here. so, what Im gonna try to do here is to make a basic IGF cycle guide. this post it is meant to answer a lot of the most and very simple questions which I really hope that I would be able to do so. plus to that, Im also going to continue to update here whenever I would be able to update with anything else. so, let’s get started… I often see there are such questions as what is it? and why is the difference between the huIGF 1 and the LR 3 IGF 1?

so, now the IGF 1 stands for Insulin like Grown Factor. if you’re gonna search in google for ‘IGF’ you would see it. the IGF I it is the primary protein involved in those responses of cells to growth hormone (GH) ad that is, IGF I is being produced in the response to GH and then later it is also inducing some cellular activities too. like for example, one of such example it is the muscle growth or the hyperplasia. I hope we’re clear up until this moment. if you have any questions now or in regards to anything else further in my post, please ask them all, I will gladly try to help you.
so now, going further you’ve got to know that this compound is also making the human body being more sensitive to the insulin so you need to pay attention to this. this is the most potent growth factor that it is found in the human body! as I have said it a bit earlier, the IGF 1 it is causing muscle cell hyperplasia and this is an actual splitting and forming of the new muscle cells, this is a good thing and this is the reason why many body builders prefer it.
going further, LR 3 IGF 1. I’ve explained what IGF means, but I haven’t explained what LR 3 means – it is Long Recumbent 3 IGF 1, and this is an 83 amino acid analog of the human IGF 1 sequence with the substitution of an arg for the glu at the position 3 (and this is why it is LR 3), and a 13 amino acid extension peptide at the N terminus (and this is why the Long).
the other one HuIGF 1, it is having a 70 amino acid string. this one it is very short lived in the human body (I mean, VERY short lived as the half life of it is most likely approximately 10 or maybe 15 minutes). this type of the IGF 1 it is being very and very useful if you are searching for local site growth. that’s due to the fact that since this type it is being so so short lived, then there is very little of the IGF 1 that makes it to any other tissues and IGF 1 receptors in the body, so that’s why it is so useful for local site growth. the way to inject this is immediately post work out into the muscle that you are willing to have the local site growth and I guess I shouldn’t explain why it is so necessary to ‘immediately’ do it. I can tell you that this one being combined with the TNE and with PGF2a they are going to do some wonders for the site specific growth in my own opinion… but that’s just my opinion so anyway…

the usage… I think that it needs to be shot PWO. I know that most people shoot bilaterally into the muscle that has been worked. now talking about the usage and the stacking I should tell the following… due to the fact that LR 3 is increasing the hyperplasia I should tell you guys that it is the best when it is used in the combination of some other AAS. having that said I’ve got to say that the ideal situation would be to inject twice ED because of the life of the LR 3. Just in case this is not feasible PWO is going to suffice and is going to suffice well. just in case you are on your off day then I would say that it would be the best way to do it in the AM, that’s because this way it is going to help to fight the catabolism. however, if you are planning to also add insulin to your LR 3 then I would recommend you to be very careful when you do it. the LR 3 is going to make you be much more sensitive to the effects that the insulin is having on you and having that said, if you have a negative effect from using insulin then guess what… and so you’ve got to raise your PWO carb intake in order to get used to the added LR 3. WARNING!!! if you really want to add insulin to the LR 3 then you must be sure what you do. if you haven’t ever ran insulin in the past then DO NOT add it with the LR 3 because god knows what might happen to you! you should be very careful on this!

in regards to the frequently asked question of: ‘what can I expect?’ I can tell you that first off you should expect to drop a little bit of body fat in case you are really having a good diet. the LR 3 really do seem to be a good stuff in burning off fat. from using it you can expect to have an increased appetite, increased hunger feeling, but people who are looking for bulking, this is, obviously, welcome. however, this can be taken in control while cutting. but then again, I know I’ve said it earlier but I feel I should say it again, the one more thing you need to remember it is hyperplasia… once again, you can expect the forming of the new muscle cells and therefore an increase in the size. the strength it is going to go up along with the new muscle mass, obviously (again, the reason why this product is preferred by many body builders). in addition to that you can also expect some great pumps too. but that’s not always good because for some people it is so bad that it even hurts and in this case you should be the judge here. I personally did have used this (of course) but I have never got so pumps that would hurt like this, I just know that there are so people. but for me personally, I am just feeling more pumps with the insulin instead. again, everybody is different, we should all remember this.

now, the next question, one of the most frequently asked either is the dosing for the LR 3. you’ve got to know that the general consensus for dosing the LR 3 seems to be between 40 mcg to 60 mcg. if taking less it doesn’t seem to be effective while if taking more it seems to be much more dangerous than the 60 mcg. and also, you’ve got to take this dosage for no longer than 5 weeks either because it can get dangerous as well. but even if you do think that 60 mcg seems to be so ‘not enough’ for you then you should not exceed the maximum of 100 mcg! that’s the absolute maximum and getting more than that would make you regret doing so, for sure. in fact, as I said, even 100 mcg can be way too much making you regret taking such a dosage. having that said, an average user should have absolutely no reason to ever come close to this dosage as it is already way too much. there are some people who shoot every single day, I know it, and there are people who just PWO. so now, I know have said it earlier, but I tell this again… on those days that you are not working out then the best thing to do it is just to shoot it whenever you are waking up… this is going to help you to maintain the constant ‘good’ blood levels and therefore, as I said, this is going to help to fight off with the catabolism. if you’re gonna do it all fine you’re going to be all fine. I’m sure about that.

those people who are using it for the first time I would recommend you to start very slowly because it can be dangerous so starting slowly means to take 40 mcg (because as I said, less than that seems to be less effective, but if you want you can try it out even less, maybe it would be effective) and only on the PWO days. taking for example 60 mcg on a daily basis must be done only by people with experience. that’s why being a first time user you must pay extra care (but using it with caution must be done by everybody!). so do it as I said, and this way you can use 40 mcg for 5 weeks assuming that you have only one MG of LR 3. this is a really great starting dosage that is going to get you some initial results which I do think they would be noticeable. but then, if you are an experienced user and if you have used 40 mcg in the past but you was not able to see the results that you have wanted to get ten I think that only then you should go further and try only the 60 mcg!

now, for those who are wondering in regards of the cycle then I can tell you that a great way to run a cycle that it is including the IGF I would say that it would be as the following: weeks 1 – 12 test enanthate E3D between 500 and 750 mg per week, weeks 1 – 4 15 – 19* using 40 mcg of LR 3 ED and then PCT 14 – 18. * in regards to that, in my opinion, I really do not feel that this is needed the first week of the PCT, if my weight falls off then it does in weeks 2 to 3 and that is why I want to alleviate the problem…

now, the next one, dosing for the huIGF… this is nearly about the same as with the LR 3. but remember that this is exclusively based only on my own opinion and it is all based only on what I have gathered and what I have read as well as from my experience. it might be different for different people, not sure. so, since there is nearly no information at all on this one then from as much as I know about this then this is how I would do (and how I do now and how I will do whenever when it would come to when I will use it). PWO with 30 mcg to 40 mcg into each muscle that has been worked. then, about 20 to 30 minutes later I would repeat again. and I would do this for like 4 times which means that in a total it would be of 120 to 160 mcg. another thing that I do think it is important to mention is that if I were using this then I would use it along with the humalog either. the reason is that the insulin is going to remain active for more than one hour after the IGF has been injected and therefore, this is going to get all of the possible gains from it that you just could get from using it, getting all the possible gains is the best way to use anything, isn’t it?

next thing to mention here is how to figure out the dosing… ok, so I get it, I should use like 40 mcg, however how do I figure that out?! well, look, we all know that 1 mg it is equal to 1000 of mcg. assuming that there is 1 ml of liquid then we could say that just one ml it is equal to 1000 mcg and also it is equal to 100 units too. having that said, we get that 2 units it is equal to 20 mcg. I guess it is obvious that the best way that you could measure this it is to use an insulin syringe which would greatly help you. I also think that if you want, you can get away with a 1 cc syringe either, however I personally do prefer to use the .5 cc or maybe even those smaller ones (the .33 cc). the thing is that they are measuring out every single unit and so, when you are measuring only 2 units then it is a lot much easier on the smaller pin than on those that are bigger and harder to determine the measure you need. as I have said it earlier, you can go away with the 1 cc syringe either and while it might be fine too, this one is being measured out by only 2 IU at a time and so, one ‘tick’ on the 1 cc it is 2 iu, while on the .5 cc each ‘tick’ it is one iu so therefore it is easier. but then again, you might use whichever is closer to your heart.

but now, I have seen such thing as… wow, so you mean that you are telling me I’ve got to shoot 4 iu of this stuff? and also, what if I do not get it all out of there?? well, when it comes to this question I’ve gotta tell you: I have found that the best way to get it and even measure my LR 3 it is like this. the first thing is that you must draw out 30 iu of the B12 or the BW (which stands for bacteriostatic water) on the dot. after that you must draw out your LR 3 dosage, draw out for a total of 34 iu. well, this means that you have 4 iu of LR 3 in the end of your syringe (make the calculations yourself and you’re gonna see it). now, with all of this done, then you’ve got to shoot out all of that and so, in this way you could be sure that absolutely all of the LR 3 is going to be out and also into your desired muscle of your choice. this would make you have it injected the best way (the best way I found) whenever you want, wherever you want and in the safe way.

that’s pretty much it. those are some basic questions that are most frequently asked and I do think that this post might be helpful for those who are wondering in such questions. I really hope that it would be helpful for some. again, if you do have some questions I will gladly ask them all (of course, if I would be able to). if there’s anything else, you can also write me privately. good luck!