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so well, the Oral IGF 1 really does seems like it would cause some really really bad gh gut and I personally wouldn’t want to risk taking it, not sure how other people feel about it… but that’s really seem to be true… because of all of those things that hangs around in your intestines this stuff is causing them to grow in size and to expand more and more so I doubt you end up feeling very well.. but besides that… I have heard that this stuff it is very expensive as well, isn’t it true? I mean, from as much as I have heard the real deal inject able it is approximately $400 or so (and I have heard about 400 bucks a few years ago) for only a 20 day cycle… not sure if the prices changed in these years but I still think that it is damn too expensive so costly measures. I do think that there must be some other stuff that maybe are not really much cheaper, but I do think that they must be safer and maybe even more helpful too.. hoping this is gonna be helpful to you guys.