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[quote] whichever the case I tell you something that’s for sure: that stuff does not work so I would say that it is not worth it and that you must stay away from it. if you are REALLY SO interested in it then I tell you that the only form of IGF 1 that it is really working orally it is Oratropin, if you hear anything else differently then be sure – that’s a scam. but even that stuff there are some people (many people) who do not like even that one. in short, you have very little chances that you are gonna use it and you’re gonna like it. [/quote]

well, I have been searching info about this myself and I have been reading A LOT (because I have been interested in it) about this product that you have mentioned Oratropin and indeed, you do seem to be right on that because it does seems, so far, to be helpful and working for people. plus to that, nearly all of the oral IGF 1 supplements are going into your stomach and this one is absorbed through your mouth and esophagus. I know it for sure because I know of 2 people that I personally know them who are using it and right now both of them are complaining about having some huge pumps in their calves simply from walking…. and they are also both dropping body fat quite fast too. however, as far as strength and size gains I really don’t know yet due to the fact that they cannot even lift right now due to those pumps that they are now getting. that’s what I can tell you guys about this thing…