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I thought that they stopped to make such crap and they either stopped and now re started to try to make money out of it either I haven’t heard about it in a long time now. whichever the case I tell you something that’s for sure: that stuff does not work so I would say that it is not worth it and that you must stay away from it. if you are REALLY SO interested in it then I tell you that the only form of IGF 1 that it is really working orally it is Oratropin, if you hear anything else differently then be sure – that’s a scam. but even that stuff there are some people (many people) who do not like even that one. in short, you have very little chances that you are gonna use it and you’re gonna like it. so no it’s not worth it and I would say that you need to stay away from it if you don’t want to be disappointed. you said that your friend likes it… isn’t he the one who sells it himself? be careful who your friends are too. do whatever you want but I tell you one sure thing, that stuff it is a bunk and it is a scam, no doubts.