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hi, I’m interested in learning more about Growth Factor 1 (in short IGF 1 – Insulin like Growth Factor 1) and that’s why I am here. I’ve been trying to search for information myself online but I have been given all sorts of useless articles and nothing understandable. plus to that, I would really like to talk with you people who are more experienced than I am. I would really like you guys to tell me whether anybody here knows anything in regards to this supplements and obviously to tell me how beneficial and dangerous it can be. also I would really appreciate if somebody ever used it here and can tell me more about it. I am now really curious to find out how effective it is. please. the thing is that I personally don’t really think that it can be so helpful but I do think that it can be a bit dangerous… what makes me stay away from it is the thought that it is not really helpful I think, however there’s a friend of mine (an always at gym guy, of course) who said that in fact it really is effective so I am not very sure now… I guess I am here now because I want to get some other opinions here. I would like to see how many people of you found it helpful and how many didn’t. what he recommends me is the Growth Factor 1 (IGF 1) with Octacosanol From Belle International. what do you guys think about it? please, I will appreciate every of your post so give me your opinions!