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yes, HGH injections CAN be used for weight loss and although they do not help everyone, they do help some. For example, I one am taking it, I use 4 iu’s and as you, I am also using it for weight loss purposes. I’m currently 47 years old and after approximately 5 weeks or so of taking it, so far, I am not able to notice absolutely nothing else except for joint aches and I obviously don’t really like it. in fact… as I am thinking now… I might be wrong, not sure, the thing is that it does seem like I have some more energy and that I am sleeping more deeply… didn’t even realized it until now. not sure if it’s because of the HGH but I guess so. the problem is that so far it doesn’t seem to be really helpful for weight loss and I am not very sure if it’s going to help me in the end or not. hoping so.