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hello once again everyone, I am really thankful to each one of you for all of your replies and recommendations, I hope that this is gonna help me in the future. but I am also really interested.. please, can you share what were your symptoms that you were suffering from? what were the worst ones? how you were dealing with it? I mean, I do see that there are a few symptoms mentioned by you people, but could you be more exact please? and you could tell… did anybody have some really bad and extreme fatigue in the afternoons and evenings with some headaches?

can you also tell me what kind of tests did you do that has showed you that you had a low HGH? also please tell me how low were you on the standard deviation for HGH? also, can you tell me, please, did you have to do specific tests in order to qualify for the injections? I guess, from all these questions you’ve already got it… I am not very sure if I have HGH low levels or there’s something else, but I am intending to do the tests and find it out. thank you all very much for your information, I appreciate it a lot but to be honest, it even helps just to talk about it, it makes me gather more information which I am sure that it is gonna be helpful in the future.