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hi there everybody… I am going to try to help you about this… I will try because I have been on growth hormone for almost a year myself and it was really helpful. I have stopped to take it because I have got pregnant after a year of being on it and since there is no research that is saying either it is fine to take it while you are pregnant or not (it might, but it also might not be safe, so I didn’t wanted to risk) and that is why I have stopped to use it. however, guys, I tell you – while I have been on it, it did work wonders for me. I am not trying to say that it would work the same way fr you but who knows? I don’t, you don’t and your doctor don’t know it either. you’ve should try and then you’re gonna find out.

what I am surprised to read here is that the previous user said that he/ she started to take it and the next morning the effects kicked in making you feeling excellent. I mean, you either are not taking HGH and something else or some kind of ultra super hyper fast acting HGH and that’s because it took me approximately half a year (6 MONTHS!) in order to start to feel the effects for me. I have no idea how you’ve felt them so fast. but what I do agree with you is that they do make you feel good.
I have always been feeling like crap, I was all miserable, no energy to do anything, always been tired, there were days when I was waking up tired. I was always sick and the headaches were something normal for me. I wouldn’t really recommend to try it if you haven’t been said to try it by your doctor, however if your doctor said that it is gonna help you and he/she was that one who has told you to try it then go and try it. I mean if your endo is telling you to take it then most likely you must do it and I do know that it sucks and it doesn’t really sound good that you must stick yourself to this thing every single day, that’s just something you don’t really want to do in my opinion, I know it because it is something that I didn’t wanted to do myself but just remember that this is not such a big problem because it is like a diabetes needles so it does not hurt at all. that’s just something you should do and that’s it, without much struggle or pain or whatever. I personally always have had my sister to do it on my butt (but you can ask whoever else is around you – your spouse, mother etc. etc) so the only negative thing about this was that I have had just some little tiny bruises on my butt. I was really happy that this was the only negative thing… at least the only negative thing for me. either way.. I am blabbing right now but if you want, you could give some questions that you may have and I am going to try my best to answer them all. hope this is gonna be helpful and I hope you would find it helpful. you just must find the right dosage (your doctor is gonna help you with this, my doc. did helped me with this) and the rest you’re gonna deal with it all easier.