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hey there… I am now having hypopituitarism… I have had a surgery done on my pituitary tumor a bit less than 7 years ago but it then grew back and it has been inoperable this time so I have had a cyber knife radiation then. it was successful, since I am still here, but not without sacrifices… since then I have lost several of my hormones. I am currently replacing hydrocortisone, synthroid and also, as of a few days ago, also replacing growth hormone.

before starting with HGH I have read about it a lot, of course, I have done lots of research on this so I know a little bit about it but I am still concerned. I was concerned since the day I found out about the side effects and to be honest, I am still concerned about what I read on it. due to the fact that my body is not producing it anymore on its own, my neuro endrocrinologist has recommended that I am going to start out at the .4 mg per day of it. as I have said, my body isn’t producing it anymore so I am taking only .4 mg per day. if your body is still producing it then I guess that you are going to need a much less dosage. as I have said, just a few days ago I have been on it but just last night I have taken my first dosage and to be honest.. when I have woke up this morning today I have been feeling, surprisingly, excellent! I mean, I was hoping that it is going to work for me, but I was expecting that it is going work after a while of taking it. I mean, it really helps me and I know it because the last week or so I have been waking up being exhausted completely, I have been feeling totally hung over.. or at least I was feeling this way until my hydrocortisone has finally kicked in but even so I wasn’t feeling really well. I mean, before it kicked in I have been feeling extremely bad and awful, but after that I just felt like I was struggling. in short – not well… so, as I have woken up feeling excellent today – of course that was a bit of shock for me.

and now I’ve got to tell you that a few hours later – so far so good. if this continues to go like that and the side effects would be the same as they are now (none) then I am surely going to continue on like this. I am not sure what about the tolerance in regards of HGH but I doubt that there is such stuff. but now I am just really enjoying the moment as I am having no swelling of my hands or my feet. the injection site it is just fine which is a surprise too as I was thinking that it is going to irritate my skin since it is the first time. again, I am feeling like I am having more energy and generally, I can dare to say that I am feeling normal now. but I still don’t forget that this is only the beginning and this might change over some time which I really hope that it is not… but so far I am feeling normal. what I am sure about is that if you are having HGH deficiency then it is worth to at least try it out. not trying to say that it is gonna be good for you too (or if its gonna be good for me in future) but trying is always good.