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thank you so so so much for your very informative answer, I appreciate it a lot. you really helped me and I have found so much useful information! trust me I appreciate your efforts a lot.

I’ve gotta say that I am thinking about starting with HGH due to the fact that I am 36 years old now and just a bit less than 2 years ago I have started to take care about my health and figure. before that I wasn’t really paying attention to my health at all, then when I started to notice that I am not in my ‘best shape’ I started to do something about it. I have even started to attend Muay Thai lessons and more recent MMA as well and to be honest, I’m really loving it, loving both. but you know… I can feel it that in my age such stuff are not as it is used to be when it is coming to losing fat, to my shape and general performance, especially when you were not really paying attention to it before this. and that is why, as of recent, I have started to think about trying HGH with some small doses in order to boost up my work and to make me feel and look younger, as I have said in my previous post. and I knew that HGH really can help, as I have said in my first post, I have seen the changes of some people (my coach and few gym friends) and their results. no doubt it helps.

however, as I have also said it there is one BUT that makes me be cautious… I do know that I need to start this process with supervision in order to make sure that I do not start a problem that I am not going to be able to deal with it or maybe a problem that I am able to avoid at all!! this is the reason why I registered on this site, this is the reason why I started to search information and I asked for advises and recommendation from other people who are more experienced in all this stuff. I am going to see what kind of brands are the best out there, I am also going to look at the brand that you recommended of course. thanks. plus I am damn sure that I am going to ask about the brand that my trainer is using because the reason why I am SO interested in this is my trainer and his usage of HGH… you know why… he is 42 but he still looks younger than me. I mean, I do understand… he’s a trainer so he was in the gym all his life while I started only 2 years ago, but still… I’m damn sure that a big part in this plays the HGH. so I am going to ask him what is he using, the name of the brand because as I said it earlier, all I know about this is that it is Canadian made. not sure if Canadians are the best or not but anyway…

now I am going to start searching for a endocrinologist… I really hope that I am going to find a good one because I would need someone who really knows what is he/ she doing and recommending for somebody like me and my needs. and by the way, excuse me if I am wrong but I have done a little bit of research on this (endocrinologists) and they seem to be the same people who are treating Diabates?! I mean.. is that true? do people who deal with diabetes can help me?

and yeah, please, there’s just one more thing. I’m sorry if it seems to be too much now but please… you have said that a side effect is that HGH is helping the growth of the existing cancer… this means that if I am not having cancer I am all safe, isn’t it true? but, if I do have cancer then from as much as I understand, any HGH product is strongly prohibited, no? but, how do I know that I am having cancer or not?
I can tell you that I have went to a lab that day and they have told me that there are just so many tests for cancer and that I need to know which one I need to do… but I don’t have any ideas which means I need to do. please, if that’s possible… help me.

thank you very much once again a lot for your help. I appreciate it a lot and I would appreciate it even more if you could help a bit more. it seems to me that there’s still a lot for me to learn. good luck