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hey there Therage. I should start off by saying that I’m also new to the HGH so you must pay attention to this and take all of the following information I am going to share with you with a grain of salt. now, yes indeed, there is a doctor who can help you with all of this and it is called an endocrinologist that is why, please, first and foremost you must go and visit an endocrinologist before you even think about doing anything at all… trust me, such a doctor is going to be your best friend through all of this because he is going to tell you whether it is safe to do that or not. he is going to be able to measure your general body statistics and make you go through tests which, thereafter, would tell you what you should and most importantly, what you SHOULD NOT do/ take/ use.

I am currently 40 years old with 0.0 HGH levels 240 lbs standing at 5’8″” with a BMI which is lower than 36, it has all taken me full months in order to get to the point where only this last Sunday I have got my first shipment of HGH, finally, however I can tell you that they have never sent me the pen device, ooooh, the torture… so anyway, I am going to get my pen just tomorrow or in the worst case the day after tomorrow. but yeah, you are also right on the fact that there is a price to pay for everything and that price is, again you are right, the side effects from using it. indeed, it does have a lot of possible side effects, ones being worse than others. this is the reason why I am now pretty afraid of using this stuff… it is because of those side effects that can appear from using the HGH, but anyway I have already made my decision so I am going to use it. HOWEVER, there is still something you’ve got to pay a really big attention to! at least that’s for me since I am still from the old school of ‘better be safe than sorry’ and what I am trying to say with this is that there are some side effects that you are not able to undo which means that if you’ve got them, you’re gonna struggle from that moment on regardless of what you do. this is the reason why you want those side effects never to appear at all and this is the reason why you and I and everybody else must take it VERY and VERY SLOWLY! so, if you are as me, interested in trying HGH but afraid (which seems so) then you’ve got to take my advice and take it very slow as well as you must, as I said, go to doctor. so now, with the basics being said, gonna start to answer some of some questions you had.
the first one in regards of which brands are the best and which ones you’ve got to avoid… not sure which ones should be avoided and to be fully honest, I am not sure which ones are the best, I just can tell you that I personally am using Omnitrope, there are also Norditropin, Genotropin, Saizen (and also including the Omnitrope too) are all the brand name and the only ones that I would ever use… each ones of them are pharmaceutical Grade. but in regards of which ones are the best there are going to be a lot of different answers, I’m quite sure about it.

now, the second question in regards of the doses, in regards of your plan and the pen product. look… I personally am on a daily dosage of only .4 mg, however I am starting at .2 mg week one, .3 mg the second week and only then, and only if I am going to feel good and I will not have any side effects then I will go up to .4 mg for a month and after that I am going to do a blood work to see how it affects me (regardless if I have side effects from taking it or not). I am going to go to see the doctor which is going to look over the results and would tell me what he thinks about it all. from that point on I am going to increase the dose only if that is going to be necessary and if my doctor would allow me to do that, I mean would tell me that it is safe. as I have already said it earlier, you’ve got to be really careful as there are side effects that you can’t undo and you have just one life, you’ve got to take it very slow and treat your life with care. take care when it comes to this.

in regards of the side effects… well, am going to tell you a few ones but that’s not a secret, I mean the side effects of HGH injections are found all over the internet, just write this in google and you’re going to be given every single possible side effect: side effects of HGH injections. in regards of whether HGH is ‘helping’ cancer… yes, that’s true, unfortunately. that is why going to the doctor and having some basic tests before using HGH is absolutely necessary. so, here are the possible side effects of HGH Injections: Water retention, morning aches, baby naps, carpal tunnel syndrome, hypoglycemia. and here are the risk factors of HGH Injections: the growth of the existing cancer as well as acromegaly. but again, pay attention that these are not, by far, all side effects.

next question in regards of the tests and side effects. also on what kind of doctor you’ve got to consult. the doctor, I have already answered this question earlier: endocrinologist. go and visit such a doctor before trying HGH. but I doubt that there are going to be any kind of tests which would help you and your doctor determine whether or not you would have any side effects… there aren’t such tests… the side effects are based on trial and error and you never know how it would be for you. each person is different so it is obvious that each person is going to react differently and this is the reason why you’ve got to read what I have copied over so you’ve got to know what you have to search forward. once again, this may or it also may not be the case that it is going to happen to you, however there are possibilities that it will. you never know, no preventative tests etc. the tests that I suggest you to take before taking HGH is to find out whether or not you have some conditions that are contraindicated to HGH injections. and since you never know whether or not will have side effects and which side effects, that’s why I told you that you’ve got to start slowly, very slowly if you want to be safe.

next question in regards of whether or not HGH is going to be a waste of money if you are not going to exercise and working with little efforts… I’m sorry but I found this question funny. the reason why I found it funny is why you need it at all then? I mean, it would be a waste of money and time and everything else rest if you are not willing to put a little bit of time and effort into your quality of life. I think that HGH indeed can help you a bit even if you are not going to do anything at all, but please, again, why you take it at all if you’re not willing to do anything for the quality of your life. plus, I am damn sure that HGH, even if helps you, would help you much more if you DO something for this. I personally am not gonna stay while using it, recommend you to do the same.

next point/ question in the reasons why you take it… indeed, any of them are true and HGH can help you achieve your goals. here is a list of positive effects of the HGH that are known to help people with: gets you a deeper sleep (which means a better quality of sleep, wake up more rested), greater cardiac output as well as improved blood pressure which leads to a lot of benefits, improved immune system (I guess I don’t have to explain here – make you feel overall much better), stronger bones, reduced body fat (indeed it helps to reduce the extra unwanted weigh), increased metabolism (again, I guess no explanation needed), increased muscle mass as well as increased endurance, all of this being said it leads to a higher energy levels which means a better concentration, willing to do stuff as well as motivation, it improves overall tissue regeneration, it is fastening the growth of hair and nails (making both stronger), it is making baby smooth skin, it is increasing the sex drive (libido) – many people reported this after starting with HGH since it is one of the most ‘noticeable’ effect, it is providing a faster regeneration after the physical activity as well as it is preventing or alleviating muscle wasting. one more positive effect noticed is that it provides a faster recovery after some severe burns or injuries (because of the effects provided earlier such as overall tissues regeneration, improved metabolism, etc.). Now, having all of that said, yeah, I do think that you are right it can help you look and feel younger and healthier, but that’s just in case you are going to use it correctly and you’re not going to suffer from severe side effects.

now, well.. in regards of your last question, it seems that I have automatically answered it earlier. it is all true. but pay attention that the list of positive effects doesn’t mean that it would all happen to you, exactly the same as with the list of side effect which won’t all happen to you. I mean, as I said earlier, all people are different and the same as with the side effects, the gains are different from person to person since each person is reacting in different ways to stuff (depending on what you eat, what you do, genetics, age etc. etc. – that’s why is important to have a healthy way of living besides HGH).

so, it seems that this is pretty much it and with all of that being said, I wish you good luck as well as a SAFE journey in achieving your goals which I really hope you will achieve. I hope that my answers would be helpful to you and if you have some other questions, please, answer them all here or write me privately, I am going to try to help you and answer them all. but most importantly – be safe and try not to make mistakes, but for this you’ve got to do your homework. good luck.