• Yep, I’ve got to agree with this and have to say that I think the exact same way.

    In the end, I will stand by what I have said and I’m quite sure that you are nnot going to get any legit IGF from any peptide company out there.

    but i’ve also got to admit that I would be super interested in seeing Increlex vials being reconstituted and sold…[Read more]

  • In fact, you need to know that absolutely all of the *research chemicals grade* or anything like *bodybuilding grade* LR3 is all only bunk so indeed, it is not worth saving your money on.
    I‘ve got to agree with the fact that Increlex looks promising and that’s pretty much the only stuff that looks promising. The OTOH pharma Increlex is the onl…[Read more]

  • First off, you’ve got to say how much of testosterone are you running right now? it does looks like to be about cruise now? I personally am using 1 mg of adex per week, split the day after pins on 500 mg per week. Cruise at the 0.5 mg of adex per week.

  • Here’s a little bit of an update: I have done 5 sets of sled sprints… I have loaded 185 pounds. Back and forth has been only one set. After that I have done 4 sets of 30 second sprints and I have done 30 sets walking. But that was really hard… I have been dizzy and I have been all coughing during the time I was doing it. it is definitely makin…[Read more]

  • Well, are the weighted sled sprints fine? do you think that they are going to help for my needs? thank you!

  • Hello there everyone, I would appreciate if some of you could help me a little bit on my question. so well, I am generally all new to cutting so any advices on it would be appreciated. I’ve been working out for a good while now but by goals have always been to bulk up and to gain muscle mass – never had a problem with fat and never been over wei…[Read more]

  • Xylashe replied to the topic HGH versus IGF in the forum IGF Forum 4 years ago

    How many times we have to come across with this bullshit. I can’t understand what kinds of people are using the IGF for long term and feel okay with it. I don’t what to judge you, because I understand that you are a newbie and you need a lot to learn about. Just to make you understand better, you can’t use IGF for more than 4 week because you’r…[Read more]

  • Umm… well, in case you really do not want to use the tor browser or a VPN then why you would not go to a random coffee shop around you, turn on your phone’s wifi, put on the private mode on a browser and to track it from there? it seems to be the safest way which puts you with the minimal risk and gives the least clues. Yeah, the coffee shop it…[Read more]

  • Oh my god, that is extremely, an EXTREMLY high price! I am talking about this: * I have also seen the 126 IU of Serostim kit around there for anywhere in the price range of $1350 to 1450 or so*. That’s unbelievable how much money they are making on people purchasing their Serostim. The average price that I see for it is in the price range of $ 6…[Read more]

  • I’m really sorry to tell you this but you are wrong on that last part you said up there:
    *And so, from as much as I can see, the answer to what I have asked up there does seem to be ‘yes’, at least based on the information that has been provided up there by you people and some other researches that I have done myself in the meantime. Doing my re…[Read more]

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    Hello there everyone, I just have registered here.. I am new, however I really need to reply to this due to the fact that I myself have been ripped off a lot of times when I have been purchasing IGF 1 stuff and any other variation so I just wanted to make you people stay away from being scammed and losing money as I did. This is why I have to tell…[Read more]