• To make it easier for you: don’t waste your time as you simply can’t get it without a prescription. There are some states (just some states) in which you might be allowed to purchase Novalin R, however that’s it, only Novalin R. All I can add is that I did have heard of some people out there getting some scrips from Turkey over the internet, howev…[Read more]

  • I do get your point and I do understand what you are trying to say with this and your entire post:

    So, your package has been held by post office. I definitely do not want to scare you out but I personally never heard of a package being held by Post Office or by anything else other than customs.

    And yet, if it has been AAS then I would be…[Read more]

  • As much as I know, there’s no need to be worried about any of legal implications for only the peptides, however that’s as much as I know but I am in any way no legal expert so you might want to keep on researching.

  • It has been held by the post office and not by the customs? That sounds quite strange to me. I can guess that it is domestic since it is not the customs?

  • Well, I just know there’s one very simple thing: if you are not gaining weight then you are simply not eating enough, simple as that!

    Yeah, you are definitely right on that, however just let me add *from the Humalog*
    And by the way, in regards to the last post as of:

    Anyway, in the end I think that all of this really could turn into a pretty e…

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  • Thanks people for sharing your opinion as it does means a lot for me, however I would like to say, in regards to this:

    well, I am not very sure but, it does sounds to me as if you were not actually eating enough during the active window. Not sure though, just what it seems.

    In fact, I was actually eating a lot! You are only able to digest and…[Read more]

  • Hi there, to be honest here, Humulin R, by far is my favorite. Not sure if any of you have tried it but those who didn’t, I suggest to try it. not sure how for others, but for me it is doubtlessly the best! It has a longer active life so I’m anabolic that much longer! For me, Humalog simply has spiked too high but it has not been in there for lon…[Read more]

  • Uvoch replied to the topic leaky pump sites in the forum Insulin Forum 4 years, 2 months ago

    You’re welcome, we are here to help, and this is really great that we can do it, a lot of posts here facilitated my life, and I’m happy that I can do the same thing for other people in need. In case you need something else, I’m always here to help, I think same as a lot of other people here. Good luck!

  • Uvoch replied to the topic leaky pump sites in the forum Insulin Forum 4 years, 2 months ago

    I can confirm the same this about faulty batch. The thing is that I have had the same thing that you have experienced previously, and I didn’t know what to do, I asked my supplier and thank God I did it. They told me to change the faulty batch so this is what I did. After this I didn’t had problems with leaky sites anymore. Of course I don’t know…[Read more]

  • Larry hello, from as much as I can understand, you are new on the forum so I won’t miss the chance of saying welcome to the forum. Will try to help you as I have quite a bit of experience with insulin since I have been on the insulin since mid of 2010 or so. Again, from as much as I can understand (from your posts) you have been put by your d…[Read more]