• Well, ok, thank you guys a lot for all your recommendations and ideas, I really appreciate it all. I will take them and I will start consuming a bit more carbs from now on. I’m going to add one meal per day with carbs and I’m going to be evaluating myself and notice the changes in one month. Do you think that this is going to be ok? It does see…[Read more]

  • Well, I’ve always tried to stay away from carbs as much as I could and I always had a good timing out of it with good success. I’ve always followed a regimen of very high protein and low carbs so I’ve been following this regimen for a while now.
    But as I said, I thought the reasons are obvious – not getting fat by eating those carbs. I’ve al…[Read more]

  • As the title say, I would really need some suggestions. I’m currently in my 8th week of being on a pharma grade and I’ve got to confess that my body is really taking in an awesome shape! I’ve made some pics before and now I see myself after 8 weeks and I’m a lot much more vascular, definitely much more in shape to my body and muscles, that can be…[Read more]

  • I can guess that it is just much easier to start on whining over the negative instead of starting to appreciate the positive, but that’s what defines a happy person from a none happy ones. We often can see unhappy millionaires and happy poor people. Regardless of how gender, religion, financial situation etc. etc. we can be happy or we can be n…[Read more]

  • Hey there Kerman, thanks for answering, what you’ve said is 100% true doubtlessly! However, there are just sometimes that it seems I’m getting more lows although I’m trying to be the a good person compared to other people who don’t even try to be a better person. In the end, it would be very nice to get the easy path. But no, in the end ,I am not…[Read more]

  • Is there anyone who has ever wondered about this? I mean, why does bad things are happening to good people? Regardless of how good you’re trying to be and yet bad things still happen. You are still trying to be the best possible you and regardless of the situation or people you’re dealing with – either it is your family, your friends, a compl…[Read more]

  • I knew that I might get such kind of responses but that’s ok as I understand it. but I have say that I was not even thinking about doing it and using insulin. I guess I should have mentioned that in my first post. I have only been wondering what it did and what’s the benefits (reasons) as the bodybuilders are using it. and yeah, I do know that rea…[Read more]

  • That’s the exact answer that I was looking for – simple, explicative, informative! Thank you extremely much for this. I’ve always been interested in the science behind the body building and their gears.

  • Hey there everyone, as much as we all can see here, people are talking about insulin and discussing details about insulin, but we all know this is a bodybuilder forum site. with this being said, I would really like to know what are the benefits of it? as of recent I have started to do my research and I have been reading about steroids, I have been…[Read more]

  • Hello there and thanks for asking, hopefully this is going to be helpful:

    You have said that on the last test you have had the number of 478 in the time that you have been on the 4 iu protocol. I just wanted to ask, was those 4 iu of godtropin as well that you have got the number of 478? Thanks a lot.

    Yes indeed, the test before this one. I…[Read more]

  • Well, thanks for answers… I just have an update which is not encouraging indeed. While I have been used to think that it has been a good test in the beginning… then I sat down and then I actually have done the percentages so I have realized that it is, in fact, way way off… in fact, to be more exact – 28% off! Godtropin it is junk so please…[Read more]

  • well, I have been experimenting lately and I will keep experimenting further and so, there are a couple of different brands that I have been planning to test as I would want to test quite a good number of them and.. you know, meditropes is among those that I was planning to test. Thanks for recommendations, I guess that now I will have high…[Read more]

  • Thank you very much for the heads up. I am not ever going to be using them once again! I have got 8 kits from the same batch and it has tested at 19 iu a vial. 97% purity. 5.6% heavy weight proteins. And so, as soon as this is gone this is going to be the end. Going onto a different source for sure.

  • Hey there everyone, there’s a *new* product (new for me, at least), which I decided to give it a try and see how it would work for me. The GH product that I am talking about it is called Godtropin and while the results are not great, the last test that I have done while I was at 4 iu has been higher, a number of 478 when doing the IGF 1. Either I…[Read more]

  • Thanks for answering, I just have to say that I actually do it, believe me or not, but the problem is that they are not actually taking the lifters to seriously and that is why, there’s not much help from the, unfortunately.

  • Hey there everyone, I would really appreciate a lot if there is somebody who can help me with my question/ problem. So well, I am having lots of tendon problems for around the last 2 or maybe 3 months and the problem is the fact that both of my shoulder tendons are really hurting when I am resting, and tricep tendons as well is hurting pretty…[Read more]

  • MarkuS, hello and thanks. I appreciate your words. I’m from the east coast by the way. you?
    ParadeNoel hello again and thanks a lot for your words!

    Your recommendations and advices are really valuable for me! there are a lot of young people who are already doing it, however I don’t want to say that this is the reason why I should do it too bec…[Read more]

  • oh well, thank you very much for. that’s good to hear to be honest, thanks a lot for your input and warm welcome 🙂

  • Hey there everyone. I have been lurking around on your forum for a little while now but now I finally decided to register and since I’m new I wanted to introduce myself (as, by the way, the first introduction here, as much as I see 🙂 )
    So well, a little bit of general information about me: I’m a 5 ft 11, 21 years old guy who has been ser…[Read more]