• Well, look, my honest response here is: if you’re looking to get the increased recovery and immunity I really do not think that all of this is going to be worth the time or the money that you’re putting in.

    What’s I’m trying to say here is that with a too high level of igf 1 levels that you’re going to start watching out for the growth of a canc…[Read more]

  • No means to be rude here but blood work doesn’t mean and doesn’t prove a sh*t! that’s because anyone is able to replace HGH with a peptide and therefore this causes elevated GH serum and IGF and so, you think that it works. They can even post their results here and yet, I still won’t have trust in those blood work panels. I did discussed with pe…[Read more]

  • I’ve been reading information about this Norvo for quite a good while as I know this product and been thinking to use it myself but from my observations, there are a lot of complaints from lots of people about this product in the last year or so. I see someone’s saying that this is a good price for this product. That’s by far not a good price…[Read more]

  • Yeah, I do agree with the previous poster on the fact that if you do not have side effects it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. Like for example, it has taken me around 3 months or so in order to start feeling absolutely any sides more than just once at 3 to 5 ius per day. Anyway, how are you sleeping now? Haven’t you felt any changes?

  • That’s actually really strange that someone recommended you to take it as a beginner, first of all because this one is well known to provoke a lot of side effects. I don’t really know how is that possible that 9iu that you have taken provoked you nothing. I was taking 4 iu for about 6 weeks or something and my hands were literally dying. They hur…[Read more]

  • You know… I can’t actually understand you very well. you have 3 kids, you are almost broke and you still intend to purchase a gear? LOL? please just tell me why? And how you can think about getting a gear in such situation?

  • From as much as I know, the morning shots are the best ever idea and timing to pin them and that’s since it is being recommended by most of the top rHGH makers out there and since nearly all of them recommend this then I think that this is for some good reasons. If you are going to refer to their website then you are going to find some i…[Read more]

  • oh well… it really really depends on where I am at with my diet to be honest… I’m talking about how many eggs I eat per day… this depends. Most of the time I am eating approximately 4 whole eggs for the breakfast. But on a bulk I am actually only eating or drinking egg whites because this way I can meet my fats through the chicken and beef. I…[Read more]

  • I one got to have my mud (espresso) in the morning as my beverage otherwise I just can’t go further. Lattes with some extra espresso it is the way to go! It is absolutely getting you up and running! Amazing stuff which I can’t live without.

  • Well thanks guys, I think I’m going to try or maybe not, still confused, I just have to think, If you all say that at least some side effects is something that usually happen I think that I’m going to try it for some weeks to see if I can afford it. I really hope that it will go okay, if not, I’ll turn back here to ask you for another help :D. Peace!

  • It’s becomes too complicated for me and I think that I just gona go for seros which I think that are much safe.. because this difference and so many comments with different side effects…

  • I think that it will be okay for me to try the 4 iu before increasing this. Actually after I have read what you said I feel more comfortable in trying and experimenting. I think that your time of experience can work on my body too. I think that I’m going to start with 4 iu… I’m not sure that I’ll be able to stay 6 months on 4 iu, because I’m sur…[Read more]

  • I have some problems to decide the meditrope dosage… I’m currently going to try meditrope and have heard too much polemics about this which make me feel really uncomfortable and dizzy. The thing is that while reading a lot of comments related to the dosage that have to be used, I have found a lot of people that were complaining about some bad act…[Read more]

  • I’m just curious about both of HGH generic and pharm comparing them by the most important key factors and I would like to be sure that actually there is something that I should know maybe in case if someday I’m going to have them both. The most important key factors that I actually need to know first of all are the possible side effects that bot…[Read more]

  • I really, really hope that you’re right, it doesn’t matter how I feel now, because I may be feel good, but the reality about my sugar levels doesn’t makes me happy. I’m going to try the slin add and I’m going to write you in case of bad experience.

  • I have the same thing that you described till tomorrow, when I decided to buy a blood glucose meter. It seems like I have a low blood sugar, it tasted out to be 129 but actually I feel like I have lower than 70 and this is makes me feel so bad… I don’t understand. I’m snacking few carbs during all day but I have never consumed more than 90 grams…[Read more]

  • Not sure what other people think but I prefer in the morning, at least I do it in the morning, the first thing I do when I am waking up. If I am doing it alright then I go to bed at 12 am and I am sleeping about until 4:30 AM and I do the HGH (inject it) and I am going back to the bed until 7: 30 – 8 :00 AM. Then I wake up and I must eat s…[Read more]

  • Oh wow, that’s something I have never even thought to be honest… I did not realize that would show up as a USPS status! Just wow, can someone explain and relate on this more? Please? Is that something new or there’s something that I overlooked? Thanks!

  • thank you a lot for this. a lot of useful information that would really help someone who just enters this forum trying to search for information. in fact, I think that this thread should be a sticky, it is really worth it. OP, you have done an amazing job, congrats with that!
    i personally use 4 iu ED and I am doing it for 2 months already and I…[Read more]

  • Hi op, I just wanted to let you know that I am currently running HGH, I take 4 iu ED and I am doing it for 2 months already and I can tell you that so far so good. indeed, the results after these 2 months are not really big, but I do see some changes. we’re gonna see what is going to be later. but anyway, so far I am feeling good and I am going to…[Read more]