• I really do not see what’s the problem here, you’re too paranoid to be honest. That’s because you’re going to have quite a hard time to get fat in the time that you’re taking pharma GH so there’s really nothing to worry about this. The stuff is burning through the calories and so, you can eat more, but you are still not going to get fat while o…[Read more]

  • It is absolutely your right to believe in whatever you want to and in whatever you are said. I won’t even bother here explaining and getting into details about those *lab testing*. In the end, I will stand by what I have said and I’m quite sure that you are nnot going to get any legit IGF from any peptide company out there. but in the end, as I s…[Read more]

  • Well, you are asking for opinions about peptides and here’s my opinion: simply do not bother with the peptides and that’s it, there’s nothing else left to say. That’s just a big waste of money so all you can do is to avoid. You can, however, get Increlex to get it working, however this stuff is extremely expensive and it is extremely fragile…[Read more]

  • People often focus on bad things rather than positive things and people often don’t realize how good of a life then actually live. Just think about how you could have been living without legs and arms, how you could live being all paralyzed and all you could move is your head only, how about having cancer? Your kids or loved ones could be t…[Read more]

  • As much as I know, if the labs are good then they are going to take like a day or 2 and that’s not a big problem as this simply means that they are busy. Waiting more might be a real problem. And BTC is good indeed, however sometimes it is just a pain operating with it because often they have high fees and they are having very slow transaction t…[Read more]

  • yep, that’s a really good stuff and I know it for sure as I did have used it myself too. It is indeed from Russia and the price for it is fairly good either! As the previous poster said, just make sure you won’t fake and you would most likely like the product.

  • Expensive for what I mentioned earlier? 200 USD? OMG, you’ve got to be kidding. I have never done that much, LOL, and I doubt I ever will. I mean, what are you trying to do with all of that? Wanna win all types of sports?!

  • what are the prices like out there? I mean, if they are sky high, as I earlier said, I do not actually need such sources as I found them myself either.

    In regards to this, the last time that I have checked, if my memory serves me right, it used to be like 200 USD for a 6 x 4000 iu ready jects. So that would be 200 USD for 24,000 iu. Cheap price to me.

  • I remember that there used to be a source phdirect which had it and they were really good, problem is that they disappeared as well, not sure if simply changed their address or completely vanished, whatever the case, they are not there anymore and that’s really unfortunate to be honest. As much as I know ready jects has for a good price you m…[Read more]

  • I personally am purchasing domestic EU, TA it is going to be approximately a bit more than a full week as it is like 7 working days or so. However, in case you’re living in a country that has a good postal system (like for example UK or such) then it could be a bit less. In case my memory serves me right then it is around 200 or so for 100 IU, o…[Read more]

  • well, will do it and post the simec results but I can’t do it now as I’m also at work, will do it later. And as I said, indeed there might be fakes that are going around circulating on the market, nevertheless, if you are going to purchase from official stores such as basicstero or pharmacomstore then I have big doubts that the official store wou…[Read more]

  • What an *educated* response!
    In fact, HGH from Pharmacom came back being overdosed when it has been tested at simec!
    I do agree with the fact that fakes were probably made, but let’s face it, what other products do you know that are not faked? In addition to that, what does Pharmacom has to do with the fact that there might be some selling f…[Read more]

  • So well, here it is the way that it is going to be personally for me: the first thing is stair climber; after that the second one is incline walk at only anywhere 2.7 mph on treadmill, however the trick it is not to hold handles (you’ve just got to try it, only 2.7 mph is going to kick your arse when you are not holding handles), and then it g…[Read more]

  • Suchater replied to the topic hgh and igf 1 info in the forum HGH Forum 4 years, 2 months ago

    I have found the article; I think I’m going to read it tonight. I think I’ll have to quit, at least for now, the thing is becoming much serious and I’m really scared about it. I’m going to test my blood level every week to see how it’s going and I’m going to do the igf-1 test as much as I can to see if it’s working. The idea about the article i…[Read more]

  • Suchater replied to the topic hgh and igf 1 info in the forum HGH Forum 4 years, 2 months ago

    My pancreatitis was realted to the fact that I was never able to regulate my blood sugar, I don’t know why but I always had troubles with my blood sugar, I ended up to change my diet, to use a lot of other tools to change it but nothing helped, so I ended to have troubles with pancreatitis.

  • Well I have a problem that I can’t understand; actually something like this never happened to me. So the thing is that I have decided to do a igf1 test. I was really relaxed about the test because I was sure I’m not going to have any problems related to the test. I just decided to do it, because usually you have to do it once a year just to see…[Read more]

  • Where are all of those LOTS of people out there who are having thyroid issues from the excess of the deiodinase levels, getting acromegaly symptoms like the clockwork?
    Well, this is never happening.. and that’s why, the T4/ t3/ GH it is only a theory proven wrong.

  • Umm… what’s the rationale for it??
    In the time that the studies are suggesting that the GH might increase to T4 to T3 conversion… the studies I am talking about are:
    1) on the ncbi pubmed search for *The influence of growth hormone and thyroxine on iodothyronine deiodinase activity in the liver, kidney and brown adipose tissue in hypop…[Read more]

  • Well, I do believe you guys… but… Walmart is currently selling 60 eggs for only $2.97… and… that’s it…. I mean I do not have to shovel up chicken shit or to worry about their large talons etc. etc. (and I’m quite sure there are many other things as well). I would like to try them, but I doubt that I would be to get any chickens for myself and do it all.

  • To be honest, I would say that I am quite a bitch when it is coming down to eating. I am only able to eat 3 eggs, 2 slices of cheese as well as an English muffin. But I know this is not enough even though I have always eaten only three eggs. I know that I have to eat more of them and that’s why I am not working my way up to 6 of them and h…[Read more]

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