• Well, to be honest here, in fact, on 6 iu per day which is quite a lot, I would hope a lot much more than what you have said up there… otherwise, I wouldn’t really want to spend my money on it or that’s unless the money is not a problem for you then you could go and get yourself the pharma grade and in this way you are going to know for sure how w…[Read more]

  • Trying to help you by answering your question as

    I also have a question to those people who have purchased from my protein, please help. I would really like if there is a specific kind that you prefer?

    I’ve got to say that I do like the isolate in mint chocolate. You’ve got to try it. as stated before, people have different tastes by just ans…[Read more]

  • If I would be you then I would give a try to myprotin mint chocolate whey iso. Just sign of for their news letter and they are going to give you some discounts as well, in fact, they are constantly offering discounts of anywhere between 30 to 60 % off and that’s really helpful in saving some money.

  • Well, you’re either new on this community or most likely new to purchasing stuff like this online, as much as I can see, but making such posts as this one is only going to make you get some fake sources with fake products and even if you’re going to get a legit source, most likely, you won’t buy from it, because you got scammed so much that you w…[Read more]

  • No offence but I do think that you are lying to us and I see no point in asking a question when you’re not being fully honest (and I definitely do not see any point in trying to answer your questions and help you when you’re not honest here). The reason I think is that you said:

    i am 210 lbs and I’m 5’7 with an approximate of 20 % of body fa…

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  • Well, just trying to help by recommending… it is probably, to my opinion, the best thing to stick with either the Grey Top or maybe with the Meditropes. But then again, this is my subjective opinion.

  • Hey there Xylashe, what you have said that you’ve done on your update that is really really good to be honest, however do 15 minutes worth, start at 3x per week intervals of 30/30, or 15/30 since both of them are pretty good. This is the way that I personally am going to HIIT by the way and this is a really good way.

  • Hey there, I am having no intention to disappoint you but…

    The GH product that I am talking about it is called Godtropin

    from as much as I have seen, the Godtropin, in fact, has been for no good as it is not a pure/ good/ quality GH product. And so, I would assume that you have had a vial that has tested well, however, the ones that you h…[Read more]

  • Well, that’s a really good example of how to act like a complete and total jackass so thanks for everyone else letting them know how to do when they want to be complete and total jackasses or how not to do when they don’t want to be like you. What’s the funny thing is that after you have been behaving like that, now you’re expecting other people…[Read more]

  • There’s no doubt in the fact that the previous poster is absolutely correct and I would listen to him. However I still must mention that your sodium and your potassium levels are greatly influencing the water retention and for this reason I asked you what is your intake of these? If you don’t know you should be better check it out.

  • So well, in my opinion, before asking such a question it is very important for you to answer the following questions: what it is your sodium, what it is your potassium and what’s your water intake look like? I just know that answering these questions would greatly help you rule out your problem.

  • StoneMade replied to the topic combination of HGH in the forum HGH Forum 3 years, 6 months ago

    So well, there is one thing that in my opinion you should think about: each of the kit that you have ordered should be HGH, isn’t it? I mean, they are all HGH (somatropin) they are simply different brands which in the end they are same thing. well, with this being said, do you see a problem if you’re going to get yourself Genotropin one day and…[Read more]

  • StoneMade replied to the topic HGH versus IGF in the forum IGF Forum 3 years, 8 months ago

    Good, very good that you didn’t started by yourself. Remember that there are a lot of forum of people that are ready to try and to do anything in order to accelerate the effectiveness in time. The thing is that they are ready to tell you everything in order to make you believe, but you have to pay attention. The igf and hgh problems are really e…[Read more]

  • StoneMade replied to the topic hgh and igf 1 info in the forum HGH Forum 3 years, 8 months ago

    I understand. Look I have find an interesting article about Acomegaly that is presenting low insulin and this used to grow the -1 level and was a primarily case of diabetes. I don’t want to scare you, I really hope that this is not your case, but I think that you have to consider this too, I mean as soon as you’re going to find out the real pro…[Read more]

  • StoneMade replied to the topic hgh and igf 1 info in the forum HGH Forum 3 years, 8 months ago

    Have you ever heard about such an interesting thing like Acromegaly. I just have had a day of some days ago and I decided to go searching to read some information for myself. As I got really into hgh, sport and lifestyle and was ready to stady a lot of many things just o make it easily for me to be prepared to everything. So Acomegaly is something…[Read more]

  • So look, how about I am going to show you the math and so, maybe you are going to learn how to do some basic math and you would understand it.
    And so look, 2 mL it is equal to 1000 mcg when you recon with 2 mL. the 1 mL it is, *basic math* equal to 500 mcg and if we’re talking about .1 mL then?! Of course that’s 50 mcg… hopefully this helps.

  • StoneMade replied to the topic HGH and Thyroid in the forum HGH Forum 3 years, 9 months ago

    I know there are many people out here who are having very good knowledge on HGH, extensive knowledge on HGH that might be really helpful for your needs, hopefully you’re going to get some good answers.

  • I try to understand your point and I seem to, however there is just one very important and very big thing here that you should know… I’m especially talking about this part you wrote:

    Umm… I haven’t said that I am broke as I’m not really… all that I am trying to do is to budget a little bit on this. I have figured out that 150 USD for something a…

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  • OP, I do agree with the previous commenter and no offence but I do think that you are an idiot if you want to do that. What did you think somebody we as just going to give you the answer that you want even if they have had it. I mean… you just can’t come here and ask like this. you’ve got to do your research and try reading around a little bit a…[Read more]

  • You know… the price tag does not actually mean anything at all.. I’m talking mostly about this part:

    Well, that’s not me who thinks and says it… just take a look at how much actual recombinant IGF analogues are costing… go on the Gro Pep site. There search for products and after that click on the IGF Analogues. As soon as you’re there you c…

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