• Other people suggesting to eat more food are definitely right because as simple as it sounds that’s true – want to get smaller eat less, want to get bigger eat more. However, you seem to understand that this doesn’t mean that it is the time to start having a junk food diet.

  • To be honest, my recommendation for you would be to simply follow your physicians advice as he says and most likely – you are going to be fine. And yes, cease all the lab tests when you are cycling as it is important.
    Oh yeah, another very important thing – please, stop blaming other people for the well established complications of AAS when usi…[Read more]

  • Hey there OP, I just wanted to say that even though the GH indeed may be the result in some swelling the development of edema it is a cause of getting concerned and it is also a suggestion that some other factor may be responsible of it as well. to my opinion, something pretty helpful could be if you would be able to post some pictures of before…[Read more]

  • Oh well, you need to understand the fact that the GH is increasing the whole body sodium retention and is doing it via its effects on the renin angiotensin system.
    Whoever is thinking about this then they must make the necessary adjustments to their electrolyte balance and that’s in order to minimize the extracellular water retention. And since w…[Read more]

  • Hey there Ruckman, as i have already mentioned this on some multiple occasions here, it is quite often what we are NOT being told which is grossly limiting our ability in order to provide an good and what’s more important – an meaningful insight or assistance in those situations like the one the OP described that is in right now.

  • To be honest, you post seems to me so so nonsensical that it is quite impossible to actually determine a cause and effect relationship.

    and yeah, by the way, to make you understand a little bit better what’s my general state (my general health) I’ve got to mention that I am currently having no energy, I am having no sexual desire, I am still get…

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  • hi there man… you know… ideally it would be, of course, if you are going to follow the manufacturers exact instructions because it is obvious that the manufacturers are guaranteeing you to get what you are paying for if you are going to do everything as written, otherwise they won’t guarantee that you would get those effects promised. HOWEV…[Read more]

  • You know… only because you do not like my suggestions it definitely doesn’t mean that they are lacking credibility…. You seem like you are preferring a ‘softer touch’ discussion with mommy… your gf, a preacher or a psychiatrist or whoever else….
    But trust me I know what I am talking about as I can see youngsters like you every single day pr…[Read more]

  • So well, your first request here in this budget buy quest, it is a post on a NON source PED forum where you, don’t know a damn thing, have absolutely no credibility, lack the fund of knowledge to requiring in order to differentiate a quality product from a bunk one, are darn near to zero due you are still living with mommy…
    You know… I don’t…[Read more]

  • SCANAST replied to the topic HGH used with T4 instead of T3 in the forum HGH Forum 4 years ago

    I’m not very sure if that has been addressed to me, but since I was the last poster I assumed that it is and that’s why I think that you’ve asked for my opinion. If that’s so… well.. in the time that the supplemental GH necessitates enhanced thyroxine secretion only those with preexisting thyroid dysfunction, or maybe also those using some extr…[Read more]

  • SCANAST replied to the topic HGH used with T4 instead of T3 in the forum HGH Forum 4 years ago

    News flash this same opinion has been posted on the Meso quite a lot of times already. I’m talking about what op shared here.

  • Oh well… generally talking about it I should say that I personally am not getting the warm and fuzzies when it is coming down to put a rocket booster on the endogenous production of the hormones. I am not very sure but it may be completely fine in the long run, however it is just causing me to pause for a little bit and that’s because the long ter…[Read more]

  • There’s just something in your post that can’t believe but I would really love to believe in it… I mean, I am talking about this claim:

    and there are some very high quality RC today that are making them with the DNA recombinant technology.

    I’m trying to be fully honest with you and that’s why I can tell you: I would really love to believe t…[Read more]

  • “heriff00, look, I am only talking here about the IGF 1 analogues in the post that I’ve wrote earlier here. For a drug to be considered that it is ‘generic’, then it must be chemically identical to the brand name counterpart, but it is ‘generic’ because it is not the brand. It has the same ‘substance’ so to say. And this is the reason as to…[Read more]

  • Hi there everyone. I would really like to get some answers to my questions, if that’s possible, please. Could you please tell me… is there a general reason as why more people are not using igf 1 DES or LR3 more often??

    So well… I would say that the reasons are pretty much going to be financial due to the fact that the receptor grade human…

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  • Well, first of all you need to be more specific here. You said $ 850 for a ‘kit’ and based only on this then the answer could be both yes, it is reasonable, or no it is too expensive that’s because it depends on what exactly is a ‘kit’? I ask this because they are all coming in different forms and shapes and containing different IUs, as low as 20…[Read more]

  • Well, to answer the first question: in case there is absolutely ANY evidence that absolutely ANY PED is promoting post operative or post traumatic healing then I am sorry, I just have not seen it, in case there is absolutely anyone who has any evidence then please share it here with us. Having that said, I think that the answer to this question…[Read more]

  • Hey there thank you very much for your response as I very much appreciate it. I’m talking about this response: Especially when it was said that it is a question for someone with more experience and I do have a bit of experience here and so, if you ask my opinion I would tell you that GH use can be used with very much success starting at just 1 I…[Read more]

  • Thank you very much for taking your time writing this and thanks a lot for the blood work results here.. also must say that I am sorry about the sides that you’ve got. Haven’t you tried lower doses? You asked about the lower doses but why you just don’t try them (lower doses) and see? Or they still suck?

  • Oh well… I think that I personally am going to go against the entire grain and I am going to say my opinion which is that I don’t actually agree with most of the people here in regards on the HGH thing. While I do agree that there are a lot of people/ sources claiming that HGH must be taken for a much longer period of time to become effective, I j…[Read more]

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