• I also found little fridges but I found out review that those little freaks are loud and they can’t ever be turned off (the sound) unless you want to turn them off completely. I would really like to get such a little stuff myself but I’m pretty afraid.

  • Thanks for sharing this, I’ve now found this but I am already having one kit of godt240 on my way to my place as I was interested how it might work for me too. That’s why thanks for sharing this OP, but since I will get it, I would pull out my IGF bloods and I am going to let you guys know about the results that I’ve got, if there’s someone…[Read more]

  • Agreed, there are no people that are going only through the high or people that are going through the low. There are people who are *stuck* on their low but that’s because they don’t have enough will power to keep on moving forward in reaching the high. in the end, bad things are happening to absolutely everybody, with no exception. But yes, the…[Read more]

  • In fact, I was actually eating a lot! You are only able to digest and use so much at a time!

    So well, to that end, having a longer acting insulin is going to extend that window a little bit as much as you can understand, since it is having a longer peak and a longer duration of the use either.
    Anyway, if you don’t mind me asking then, what i…[Read more]

  • Humulin R, by far is my favorite. Not sure if any of you have tried it but those who didn’t, I suggest to try it. not sure how for others, but for me it is doubtlessly the best! It has a longer active life so I’m anabolic that much longer!

    Hey there, I would say that the biggest advantage that the Humalin R has it is the fact that you’re able…[Read more]

  • to start off, my favorite one is Apidra. The reason is that for me, it just hits so much more faster and much harder compared to all the others that I have tried.

    To be honest, I really like Apidra as well, it is quite good, and to be honest, Novolog it is quite the same for me to be honest. But so far, Humalog it is what I am using right now…[Read more]

  • Have you lost your mind? You must be crazy by wanting to do that. Just think about the fact how dangerous insulin can be and going hypo… but even a bigger problem is mixing it with some other crazy crap it is definitely a big no in my book! I doubt that there are any needs for whomever out there to do that!

  • LOL, you’ve just said SCANAST to read up a little bit more? LOL.
    You are currently having no blood work done and you’re simply guessing at what the problem could be and as much as you can understand it – this is definitely not enough. There are every week up there with a guy showing up with a limp penis and having no blood work asking for help…[Read more]

  • Well, I haven’t got it right… are you actually suffering from depression right now?

  • Once again, but, unfortunately, you’re being wrong again and that’s due to the fact that the LR3 is not going to show up on the IGF tests.

    Oh yeah, I completely do agree with this statement as this is correct. There are 2 completely different IGFs.

  • Hey there everyone, I would really like to get an answer to that question I asked in my title. Is there someone who actually knows if a GH serum test is able to be faked with the peptides or maybe with some other substances? What I’m trying to say is… if you are injecting 10 iu and then later, like 3 hours later or so, you’re doing a blood wor…[Read more]

  • I just wanted to comment on that part when someone said that it is a mistake because using the clomid isn’t going to jack shit for you pshysique or strength wise… or something in this matter… well, you know… a testosterone level of 1000 it is a testosterone level of 1000 and that’s it… regardless either it has been reached with the help of thi…[Read more]

  • you do know that you’re planning to ruin your life right now? that’s because 12.5 mg taken two times per week it is already a lot and for someone might even too much. This means that it is only 25 mg per week in total. You, on the other hand, plan to take 25 mg in a single dose and dosing 3 days per week. that’s a total of 75 mg. I mean… people…[Read more]

  • Very well…. After I’ve been abusing opiates, and then alternating between TRT as well as mild cycles, my sweating has went from below average to ‘just try to turn on the heat and I am going to fill up your kiddie pool’ and so I am finding this helpful! Anyhow… personally for me, my body temperature is never dangerously high whenever I have test…[Read more]

  • Hello op, just want to say that I am on the exact same system. Pretty sure there are many people all over the world like us. I am talking about Novorapid bolus and Lantus basal. It does takes quite a little bit of time in order to get used to the injections, however you should not be worried as it is going to get easier with time. you need to…[Read more]

  • I have had just one trouble with my pump during the flight and I think that everyone should know this. If you have a pump that receives Bluetooth from your tester it is supposed to be switched off. There is nothing to worry about especially because you know that the glucose can be reading manually. The only negative experienced that I have had…[Read more]