• Biotropin HGH

    I had lost trust in the products that were not approved by FDA as I was assured that the generic products are the same as those approved by FDA and that’s why I started to run generics. I used to think they are good but that’s until I run another product, which was under the FDA con…[Read more]

  • Saizen HGH

    Saizen is a famous US pharma HGH and the manufacturers of Saizen are under the FDA control meaning that all the quality standards are of highest quality. I’ve always searched for something that would make me ‘wow’ because I have used to run other generic HGH products and I thoug…[Read more]

  • is an online pharmacy which provided me an amazingly good brand of HGH for a much lower price that I used to get it in the past. the brand that I am talking about and that I run is saizen. I saved a lot of money with and that’s why I am recommending this pharmacy to e…[Read more]