• so well, in blood, the IGF 1 is circulating bound to an IGF binding protein (IGFBP). So well, there’s a belief that this binding protein is accounting for the relatively long plasma half life of the IGF that you have mentioned up there and to be more exact, the half life of the IGF it is approximately 12 hours or so.
    With this being said, w…[Read more]

  • If you would like to use something that doesn’t require a high intensity and yet it is still really helpful then I can recommend you what I personally am doing and finding it helpful. And I really like it. I like to wake up in the morning and walk for like anywhere between half an hour to one full hour (fasted) mostly depending on how I am l…[Read more]

  • If you’re planning to do the sub q, then I personally would recommend you do take the shot at 4 AM instead of 5 AM because you would need like 4 hours before the blood to be drawn for getting a better idea. As much as I know, this is the best way to do it.

  • I’m sorry Fighad, but reading your post I simply couldn’t abstain myself and not to say this:
    To be honest, this is what gives the online communities like this one those *black eyes* from many people and what is making them be *a little bit* illegitimate. There’s no wonder why there are people again such forums and to be honest, they are again…[Read more]

  • so yeah, exactly as it has been mentioned here earlier by the previous poster… I also think the same. And I personally find it ironic the fact that people are not rushing to use the statins (which are being known to lower the cholesterol levels, of course) only due to this advertised effect. Or man is jumping on the AI due to the fact that it l…[Read more]

  • Oh well, to be honest here… I don’t actually believe in this question (shelf life) is relevant. What I’m trying to say is… if *normal* dosage it is 2 IU and blacktops are 15 IU then one vial is going to last 7 days, 10 IU vial would only last 5 days…
    And now, getting onto the HGH part… once again, this is only my personal opinion and nothing sci…[Read more]

  • So well hi there. I am pretty much able to share with you some personal experience… my wife is currently 50 years old and she has started HGH quite some months ago now (in fact, she’s been on it for nearly one year now)… during at that point in time she has been experiencing pre menopausal symptoms which includes really bad symptoms such as absol…[Read more]

  • hey there OP, what I can recommend you right now is to get your natural testosterone level checked out. just in case it is going to be anywhere above 600 then I would recommend you not to do it due to the fact that you will never know if it is ever going to come back this high level naturally… however, in case it is below of 400 then in my o…[Read more]

  • Oh come on now… elderly… I don’t like this at all… but then again… I have been in Pompano Beach the last year and there was a girl on the counter who has asked me ‘do you like to use your senior citizen discount, SIR?’. She has no ideas how much she has hurt my feelings, LOL. I am still having nightmares even nowadays.

    But as you said about a…[Read more]

  • And you know… this is exactly the reason why I have started to write this thread!!! I really want to separate myth from reality based on the real life evidences, in case such really does exist.
    I have been on a team building sync at the Charlotte, NC back in March and I have met some of my colleagues for the first time. and you know, in the t…[Read more]

  • So well, hi all, I’ve just taken the decision to start writing this thread with specific purpose of having dedicated space for discussion about the anti aging properties of the Human Growth Hormone and related peptides eiher over health and quality of life of those people that have past their prime (which means that are 50 and older). I think t…[Read more]

  • ParadeNoel replied to the topic HGH and Thyroid in the forum HGH Forum 4 years, 1 month ago

    Well, look OP, I am not actually an expert here, however I do have a bit of knowledge and so I can tell you that because of the enhances acute conversion of the T4> t3 when the growth hormone is being administered, the T4 levels very often are becoming lowered ‘unmasking’ subclinical central hypothyroidism. You should talk about this more det…[Read more]

  • Hey there op, I do agree with Liesssono and pretty much as it was mentioned in that post, if this has been a longtime vendor that you have always used with success with no problems then I also think that you just should not get really scared, at least so far.
    It is true the fact that there are sometimes when those vendors can get really really…[Read more]

  • Your friend either wants to kill you or doesn’t want you to have children. I wouldn’t actually put much stock in your friend’s advice to be honest, not at least, in case you want your dick to continue on working normally. I would suggest: take a good care whose advices you are listening to.

  • For answering your main question (or I at least understood that this is your main question): any place that you have SQ tissue it is going to be OK. The back of the arms as well as side of the upper legs it is also good, as well as any place that you can pinch the SQ tissue.
    In regards to your other questions that you had… have you ever checked y…[Read more]

  • Hello there, I think that you definitely should rotate (switch) the injection sites in order to prevent tissue atrophy. In case you would inject on the same site over and over again then you are at a very high risk to have tissue atrophy. Nothing to scare you but there are situations in which a one time injection site is already provoking tissue…[Read more]

  • Hello there mr. Mike Adams, thank you very much for your kind words, I am going to try to do my best to help you and I will be very happy to give you my honest opinion on this, even though I must say that first of all, I have to recommend you to also speak with your son’s doctor as this is very important, but I am pretty sure you will do and you a…[Read more]

  • ParadeNoel replied to the topic Cancer and HGH in the forum HGH Forum 4 years, 7 months ago

    sorry I have stopped my post like that, but I had to go and my fingers were aching 😀 but I didn’t forgot so I came back and I want to get my post until the end. there’s one last very important question from as much as I know and it sounds something as the following: I am being concerned about risks, however I would still want to get the benefits…[Read more]

  • ParadeNoel started the topic Cancer and HGH in the forum HGH Forum 4 years, 7 months ago

    hello people, as the title says it – I would like to talk about cancer and HGH and, of course, their connection. now, I guess we all know that human growth hormone (HGH) it is a hormone that is made by our body in a natural way, however the HGH that is being introduced in the body by injection it is synthetic (man made, recombinant). and so, the…[Read more]

  • also I must add that besides the fact that the body is becoming dependent on those injections, one of the reasons why the side effects are occurring it is the fact that it is not being natural for the body to have to deal with and break down its entire day’s worth of growth hormone all in just one dosage, or maybe as some people use it, in 2 doses…[Read more]

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