• And besides this, what about those of us who are on a low dose (81 mg) of aspirin? Do we get the exact same effect as well? thanks…

  • Hello there and big thanks for your answer, as said, I appreciate it. but I wanted to say… based on what you said it means that in the sub Q fat around the stomach, is the message that I am getting, it is just important not to stick it in the exact same place every time again. Is that right? Also I thought that since I am already here and I am h…[Read more]

  • Hello there everyone, please help with whatever you can, I am going to be really really thankful to any information that I might get. So well, I am a 72 years old man, I am 6’6 tall and my weigh is 225 lbs. so well, since I have retired at 70, I have taken up that thing that I have been used to practice when I have been younger along with my w…[Read more]