• Hello SuperArcher and thanks for answering to my post. I’ve got to confess that I am getting all of those 4 feeling that you have described up there as well so it does seem as we both get the exact same feelings. Also got to say that mine is NO DAC.
    But you are definitely right that this is very strange as we get the exact same feeling from u…[Read more]

  • Could you please tell me where have you got your certainties from?

  • Well, my dose is 400 mcg each of them. I do know that the 100 mcg would probably be the dose after which returns diminish fast, however I have researched and read that the 400 mcg and above is going to create multiple pulses throughout the night.
    Gotta confess that I’m not very sure if this is true or not, however, to be honest, it really d…[Read more]

  • Hi, I’m currently on saturation dose ModGRF plus Ipamorelin every night.
    So, whenever I’m going reconstitute two new vials and injecting, my head rush is impossible. Not sure if there’s anyone else with this by within like 2 minutes or so after the injection, my head rush is feeling so so intense that my head is feeling as if it’s going to expl…[Read more]

  • Well, look, I’m not looking to scare you out or anything, it is indeed true that different things are working in different ways for each person, however there are just some substances that simply are not worth it because most people find that product working the same. Let me just say this… the only people that you will most likely have fee…[Read more]

  • Hey there OP, you know, pretty much as it was mentioned nearly anywhere, you should know that for the price, the HGH plus insulin combo is going to make a far better option compared to the Increlex for pretty much the exact same results you’re about to get, if not even better. that’s the reason why increlex is generally not very popular and why…[Read more]

  • LockDown replied to the topic Real IGF in the forum IGF Forum 3 years, 6 months ago

    You know, the fact that a person said something doesn’t automatically means that this is true, plus Rich Piana has said a lot of things as much as you know. The Lab analysis it is the only way to really know and determine whether or not you’re having a real IGF, you just can’t say that lab analysis lie. But you should know that even lab analy…[Read more]

  • Hey there, I honestly think that you’re going to find what you’re searching for by searching for those sources which are selling ancillaries. As much as I know, those sources are very often having it in stock or if they don’t then at least they are having access to it so you might get it from there. hopefully this helps.

  • hey there people, I just saw a person saying that he wants to try the Cialis from Maxim. You said that you have already ordered it and so I beg you to come back with updates after trying it. the reason I say it is because I recommend to avoid Maxim at all costs as you’re going to be disappointed! I know what I am talking about as I have had p…[Read more]

  • No, I was using black tops and no slin.

  • My highest IGF level has been 630, been doing 6 iu HGH split in 2 halves – 3 iu been pinning in the AM and another shot in the PM.

  • Well…. I think that the simple solution is not to track it and that’s it if you are that worried… at least I wouldn’t track it if I have been worried about it. yeah, I do know that they can tell but do you think that they really care that much? They have millions parcels going daily from all over the world, they just can’t care. And so I can bet t…[Read more]

  • To be honest, I would really like to find out what it is your opinion on this topic. The reason is that I’ve been reading a few of your last posts and you do seem to have some extensive knowledge so your opinion would mean a lot for me. thanks.

  • Hello there OP, did you pay twice when you have checked out once again? How long has this been going on for? I am not getting anything serious, only some meds for my diabetes and I am gonna get them these days, however I would really like to learn more about the iops to have emergency supply of them. I am a little bit scared to order until I am…[Read more]

  • Well, I am eating no less than 6 eggs per day, typically this is part of my every days breakfast. I one am altering the yolks to calorie and macro count for my goals at the time. also I’ve gotta say that I am eating a few hard boiled later as well. I personally really love the eggs as they are an amazing source of cheap protein. I am purchasing t…[Read more]

  • Oh well… that’s an amazing post I would say. That’s another very well written and definitely educating response which is why I am very thankful to you for taking your time writing it for me and other people who need same answers as I do. But I should say that even though I really appreciate your post very much, it simply has me even more confu…[Read more]

  • Thank you very and very much, I appreciate your words very and very much. And your post does seem to be helpful… in fact that I should say that this was a quality, fact based response which I personally found it to be extremely helpful unlike other responses I have been given.
    I’ve gotta mention here that the IGF 1 LR3 that I have been given is…[Read more]

  • [quote] As much as I know, one thing that AAS are going to do is to worsen the GCMM that it does seems to me that you are already developing..
    In regards to this part I just wanted to say that by saying this, I am sorry, but you don’t actually seem to be overly bright at least in such things. That’s, to me, a slight issue with lit…[Read more]

  • Hi there everyone… in order to make it a little bit more clearer, as I think that it depends on each person, I am going to make a brief introduction about my background story which I hope this would help to make you give me a price answer, please.
    So well, I am 32 years old and I have been lifting for the last 12 years or more and cycling AAS f…[Read more]

  • LockDown replied to the topic IGF help first time in the forum IGF Forum 4 years, 5 months ago

    Am running it every day for 20 days on and then 20 days off. Don’t really like the method of doing it in those days that you train.

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