• Well, I’ve just put my GH at the back of the deli meat drawer and even if there are going to be some people that I don’t want to know about my stuff then I doubt they would ever find them. you never know if people are going to be noisy, however you would really need to dig to even try to see what is in the boxes.
    Plus to that, as much as I kno…[Read more]

  • Well, if you’re going to check the pharmaceutical package in which your GH comes, you’re going to see that most of them are calling for a storage temperature of 36-46 degrees which means that obviously, if it’s kept in a temperature higher than that, it would have a shorter shelf life. Saying that your little fridge can’t cool enough to 40 F then…[Read more]

  • Usually, I am gradually ramping it up, slowly slowly, and yet, I am still getting some of the side effects by doing it this way. It pretty much only depends on how bad they are and also on how much you are able to deal with it. like for example, I have went right up to 6 iu with the blacktops and soon later I have regretted doing so. Obviously I…[Read more]

  • I might be wrong, however I just think that as soon as you are going to find it then you’re going to re think again whether or not purchasing it when you’re going to hear the price of it. that’s because, as much as you can guess, it is really expensive. Just a while ago I was reading information about it and I have heard that it is that one of a…[Read more]

  • so well… this is something that *must happen* as much as I know and that’s because this is what gives life a meaning. There is not an exact answer, as much as I know, as to *why* things are happening, they just happen. I know that unless you are being a religious person, then there is an answer, at least plus or minus. There are good things, the…[Read more]

  • In addition to that, since the lab has no idea about the igf 1 test, it is the GH serum level test going to be enough in order to determine if what I am using is approximately legit?

    Well, I would say not to bother with it, just get the igf 1 test and that’s it.

  • Well, I’m only trying to help you out, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted at all. Unfortunately, I do not really have very much of information to start off, this is the reason why to guess is nearly all that I am able to do right now as you have not even posted the dosage of the testosterone that you were using, so how can I make statements her…[Read more]

  • So, what else have you been using when you have had the blood results pulled? That’s pretty important to mention… you know… and also, your testosterone level it is obviously high, however it is not as high to say that it is SUCH a big problem.
    As much as I can guess, you have been using tren in the time that those blood results have been pulle…[Read more]

  • In response to the original poster: I personally have used UK peptides for CJC no DAC, I have also used Ipam, TB 500 and also BPC. While I have been using the CJC and Ipam I did have got the usual face flush side effect and my levels of igf have increased from 200 to 360 during the period of 3 months that I have been on them, that’s why I can s…[Read more]

  • Oh, my apologies, I misspoke a little bit there… I was a little bit tired and busy when I have typed that so I haven’t paid attention. What I wanted to say is… while they do increase GH serum levels, they are also lacking a little bit increasing the IGF levels. This just means that the correlation is being quite obvious that it’s not as strong…[Read more]

  • so well, peptides like for example CJC no dac for spikes, with Dac for lower constant. Both GHRH and GHRP. This is the reason why people are using them, however on the other hand, the results are a completely other story because of their possible inability to increase the systemic IGF level. So far, this is only my theory but it is being backed up…[Read more]

  • oh well, what has been said here except more so that other substances are able to cause spikes in the GH serum level so you don’t get an accurate result.

    Well, to be honest, I am thinking that both of those statements (or questions) you asked up there can be true. this being the exact reason as why we have been all trying to get away from u…

    [Read more]

  • OP you know… GH serum levels do not determine whether or not the bioactive GH is being present to raise serum IGF levels. You can check online and search for the mighty mouses, there’s a thread like that somewhere in lab testing discussion as most recent example of this… I think that it has been pcom’s GH.
    The Serum GH level results came back sh…[Read more]

  • Kerman could you please tell me what dosage were you running? And if you could explain in more details what you’ve got from each dose you’ve used?

    Well, for whatever this is going to be worth it… I have started the LR 3 at 50 mcg every day for one week and after that week I have got my dosage up to 100 mcg every day. Been dosing before going…[Read more]

  • Hey, I did have ran LR3 by myself and I ran it with MK 677 (I guess you’ve heard about it, but if you haven’t then you really need to search online more about it). To be honest, at least in my opinion based on what I have noticed, the MK has been a better product, for me!
    I could say that I haven’t actually felt any difference on the LR3 on its o…[Read more]

  • There are so many craps out there with their ‘tropin’ names but I think that this one is on the lead with one of the crappiest ‘tropin’ name out there. there are many others as well such as boostropin, covfefetropin and others. Anyway, as much as you can see I agree with the previous poster saying that it is pretty much a ‘strange’ name.

  • well, as much as I can understand here, the main question that you have is what will IGF 1 LR 3 do for you…? Is that true? well, if that’s so then you should know that it is just going to leave you with less money in your pocket, and possibly to help with the tight hips bc if that. In the end you decide what to do… but I guess you’ve already…[Read more]

  • Kerman replied to the topic IGF help first time in the forum IGF Forum 4 years, 6 months ago

    I would recommend you to pin bilaterally 30 min to one hr before your work out exactly into the muscle that you are just about to train in your work out session. To my understanding, this provides the bet results.

  • Therage, I do understand trying to make some gains, however in case you have strained the muscle but you were still kept on lifting then… honestly, what else were you expecting to get? I mean, there’s no one else to blame for this… you should know one very important thing which to me it seems obvious, but many people seem to ignore it: pain it is…[Read more]

  • Sides are different for everyone and this is because you should take in consideration so many things, like age, how many time have you been in the gym, as well as you body that is reacting different. I know a lot of people that have had side effects while using 2 iu while other get them just after using 6 iu or more, so this is something that…[Read more]

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