• Lol, I have serious doubts that this method will work.
    Just trust me, it simply doesn’t work like that 😀

  • Of course I’m not sure what’s your budget for the fridge, however I recommend you to look up on amazon as there you’re going to find a fridge that might fit your needs. It costs 120 USD and it can cool down to 40 F deg. But then again, if you are looking for something cheaper, then I am not very sure what I can help you with. Look up for Klars…[Read more]

  • Hey there, would like to ask you, what are the gains in the lean body mass like on Slin? Would be interested to get a response

  • So well… I definitely cannot say that it is all the best, however I just can say that working a heavy bag for about an hour is going to get your heart rate way way up and this is going to give you a decent core workout at the same time. maybe this would help you.

  • Umm, can you elaborate a little bit more on what you said, please? What I’m trying to say is that from as much as I know, the GH serum test should only measure the GH and the GH only, no?
    Well, in the time that the IGF 1 can be faked with the IGF1 LR3 as well as some other peptides out there or even hormones that do influence the IGF 1 levels.

  • J0E replied to the topic nr of eggs you eat a day in the forum Off Topic 4 years, 4 months ago

    Well, I have to make a confession here… I have never ever in my life thrown a yolk away or ate just an egg ‘white’ in absolutely any kind of form… yeah I know… that does seems to be so counterintuitive to me.
    Anyway… in order to answer the thread topic question… I’ve gotta say that I am having a minimum of like 3 or 4 eggs about every single da…[Read more]

  • J0E replied to the topic real prices for HGH in the forum General Advice 4 years, 4 months ago

    Well, in regards to that part where you said that average you see is about $ 600 to 700 for a 126 iu kit of sero I should say that from my personal experience this has been the sero pricing on the average for those people that are not having a special friend with HIV or some guy that happens to find them when they are accidentally falling off a…[Read more]

  • LOL, oh yeah, it is all carried up top. Whichever the case, I am going to have a look into it and maybe later I am going to bite the bullet and do it. but damn… only the thought of losing all the gains… oh my… as I said, this pretty much makes me depressed and I really don’t want to lose them.

  • oh wow… bro, you do seem like you are describing me and my entire life, lol, I do perfectly understand what you are trying to say and I’m also feelin’ as if I’m in the exact same pathetic situation. I am extremely frustrated with my diet which is so pathetic. As you, I have also tried multiple times different things, for no avail. I have even hi…[Read more]

  • Hey there, thank you very and very much for posting that information, I do think that many people might get a lot of help out of reading it. all you said up there does seem to be very extreme, however I have absolutely no doubts that it is going to work. I do understand what you tried to say that this is not for everyone but I think that those…[Read more]

  • Hello there and thank you very much for posting this, I really appreciate it but what I think you forgot to elaborate about is on the phentermine part. can you, please, tell me what was the phentermine dose and schedule? Thanks once again for taking your time to post all of this.

  • My question is more about general informative, because I’m really curious about how much of the hgh have you used and what was the most about of it. The second thing why I’m interesting in getting more information about it is because I’m currently using 4iu before bedtime and I recently started to think to add some other iu during the morni…[Read more]

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    Hi people, I am a newbie on both this forum and on the HGH stuff so I’m trying to learn more about it (the reason why I registered here at all). I did have read a little bit on this so I already know (at least in general terms what’s HGH and how it works) but I seem to struggle to find an exact answer to one question… I mean… I do realize that th…[Read more]