• Well, I have ordered peptides worth 400 USD if this helps anything to give a better answer.
    And yes, by the way, I’ve got to mention here that this is just not your usual seizure letter that you know either. That’s quite different and as much as it seems, it is a letter from the FDA, or that’s what it looks like. I have done quite a little bit o…[Read more]

  • Yeah, it does says that it has been held by Post Office, not the customs, however originally they were not domestic as I have ordered them from Alibaba so they are coming from somewhere else.

  • Hello there everyone, my peptides were seized and this sounds pretty strange to me. Is there anyone else who has ever had their peptides packages seized in the past?? I know it got seized because I’ve just got a letter which says that my package has been held by the post office and they hold it at the request of the FDA. I mean, I might be wrong b…[Read more]

  • hey, could you tell me who’s test? I would really love to hear from them more and to post up some results as I would like to see it.
    When I have said it earlier some elevated serum tests, I have meant elevated as HGH is elevating them on a similar dosage and so, a person would need to establish a record and to know how they are expecting to t…[Read more]

  • Well, look, I would say this… even though the serum test it is pretty accurate, the problem is that the human body it is not and that’s why the test results will vary pretty much on a day to another day while you’re on the exact same HGH dosage and HGH product each day.
    How ever no peptides or anything else I have found that is going to fool…[Read more]

  • To be honest this sounds… sorry… a bit stupid… to get an LL due to the fact that somebody has kept on checking their tracking? This just doesn’t sound logical. As if you wouldn’t get it if you wouldn’t check the TN. I am member of a lot of sites like this, especially regarding IOPs, and I still have never read about anybody out there to get a LL…[Read more]

  • I am not very sure how true this statement is, however, there were somebody that I used to know who has told me not to keep checking the tracking number with the tor browser and he has said that doing this it may raise some flags. He has told me that it is because different IPs that are checking the exact same tracking number is not going to look…[Read more]

  • Supertropin? That sounds like it is an ad to me. or at least something scammy. Never heard of it either so I can’t say much, only that in my opinion they sound pretty strange.

  • Oh yeah, I guess you have not got me right, I totally do agree with what you said up there, I totally do agree with you that most of this crap it is exactly this, it is actually crap! There are no wonders. And I totally agree with you, a good amino acid supplement with a very well balanced diet and good exercise routine it is everything you need.…[Read more]

  • Well, I have seen people here recommending and talking about the TB 500 so I thought about sharing my opinion on this one since I have also ran it on a few occasions I had and that’s why I thought that sharing my experience might be a bit helpful to OP. in addition to the fact that I have my personal experience with it, I have even documented it o…[Read more]

  • Ipamorelin is good, and I have read so many things about this one. Personally I have never used it before but my friends told me that they are extremely good in case of fat loss and lean mass gain. The only thing that I don’t know about it is the long term effects of it as well as nothing about the side effects. Most of the reviews that I have f…[Read more]

  • I think you gonna be fine, I have heard so many people doing the same thing and sometimes I heard about really high dosage and combination of some combo peptides that I think that aren’t as good to combine. I think that the only thing to take under control is the right time to use ghrp-6 because it can cause some gastro problems, like acid r…[Read more]

  • Harold replied to the topic worth to use IGF 1? in the forum IGF Forum 4 years, 2 months ago

    [quote] whichever the case I tell you something that’s for sure: that stuff does not work so I would say that it is not worth it and that you must stay away from it. if you are REALLY SO interested in it then I tell you that the only form of IGF 1 that it is really working orally it is Oratropin, if you hear anything else differently then be sure…[Read more]

  • hi to all here. I would really like to get some answers in regards of peptides, the reason is that for the last couple of weeks now I have been researching for as much as I could about peptides (of course, I didn’t just came here asking for help without doing research first) and I have also been researching about naturally raising my HGH/ igf 1…[Read more]