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    No I am sure that this was not a mistake, I’m talking about this:

    Oh my god man… 2500 USD?!?! In a single transaction? What kind of deals was offered that you have decided to purchase that much? And that was the first transaction to the source? Have you ever done business with them? I mean, I doubt you’ve never done business with them and decid…

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    If I would be you I would be very wary before using the source and to be honest, I personally would think that this is the second option when the scammers are just using the old good source’s name to gain people’s trust. I guess I think this way and I recommend you to be so wary because less than half a year ago I have been scammed of 2500 USD aft…[Read more]

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    Well, you know… I’m a member of more forums and when I asked for one, I have been given a source of it in another forum and so, following the member’s advices, I have tried IGF1 – LR3 for the first time. I did already knew that there are very much fakes out there and that’s why I have done a good research myself first and only after that I have tr…[Read more]

  • Well, to be honest, I am thinking that both of those statements (or questions) you asked up there can be true. this being the exact reason as why we have been all trying to get away from using the GH serum tests and we’ve been focusing on IGF tests in order to determine the product validity and (or) the quality of that specific product.

  • Umm, thanks a lot but do you care to share your source? Please? I can think of at least 5 various sources and each one of them are shipping from Turkey and I did have ordered those geno pens myself from 3 different of them so far. And well, so far they all have checked out on that ITS app, however I personally have not gotten around to running and…[Read more]

  • I personally did liked the stuff but that’s only if you are getting good stuff and I say this because as much as I know there is a lot of crappy quality stuff out there. that’s why, if you are really interested in trying out then make sure that it is going to be properly made. Sure there is a patent on it, however its still being made, pretty muc…[Read more]

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    Yeah, gotta say that I do agree with Kerman and what he has shared up there. you’ve gotta take the advantage of the insulin like nutrient shuttling effects pre workout. If you ask… does it really cause the cell division and new muscle cells to start developing? well, maybe, however whatever the case, I know that it is being effective for the mus…[Read more]

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    OP, you should know that it is quite important for you to share with us here what are your goals firstly as depending on this, it may depend, and it is also important to say what form are you using as well? I mean, Lr 3? Or DES?

  • Well, yes, I have heard that too and I think that soon I’m going to order the greys for the beginning at least I’m going to try and to see it by myself. I still don’t know if I have to take 3iu immediately or should I better start with a lover dosage, this is so confusing. I’m trying to read more info and it seems to be so clear for me but actuall…[Read more]

  • I’m a newbie in case of hgh but I’m currently lifting for about 4 years. I just decided to try to order between blacks or grey and still don’t know which one will be the best. I have heard so many polemics about these two are is become really hard to decide. After all, I don’t have the possibility to try both of them, that’s why choosing the most…[Read more]

  • oh well… ok, thank you very much for your advice guys, I really appreciate it. I can guess that I am going to switch to the morning as I have planned to do. And I will also try my best to keep the level constant. Maybe indeed that’s more important. Also want to ask you, if you can answer… would take peptides at night in order to stimulate natur…[Read more]

  • Hi there everyone. As the title says, I would like to talk and ask you what it is the best time of the day to inject HGH? The reason why I ask you this is that I would like to understand it a little bit better. The thing is that when I search for this online I get a lot of multiple and different results. I am not going to get shocked to see that…[Read more]

  • well… to be honest, I am currently just using the NOW IGF 1 spray… to be honest… I am not very sure what exactly it has in it, where it is a real IGF 1 or maybe just some kind of an act alike chemical in the natural… however, what I do know is that the results have been pretty much dramatic for me and that is why I do think that it is really…[Read more]

  • Hello LockDown… I know you might want it not to be true but indeed, Amy is definitely right and correct in saying that… so, unfortunately the package that you were expecting is not ever going to be delivered to you… that’s why it is called ‘seized’. Gotta say that it is very unlikely that they are going to come after you for anything just in cas…[Read more]

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    hey there, I do know what you are talking about but I can’t help you with anything since I search for the same… let me explain… not so long ago I have started myself with HGH injections 1 iu per day and I have started to take it for losing weigh. I realy need to lose a big amount of weight but I am not very sure if they would be helpful at all…[Read more]