• From as much as I have noticed, there are a lot of people who tend to say that you need to gradually increase your dose, however I am doing the exact same opposite way. I personally am pinning a vial per day (and that’s even with seros) and doing so until the CTS sides are getting insupportable and only after that I am switching to the desired d…[Read more]

  • hey… you know, to be honest, your second thought does sounds to be legit and you know… regardless with whom I was speaking to about these situations (and I’ve discussed with a lot of people and I have read a lot of threads in regards to this) where people are getting their package seized and got the letter – absolutely everybody has got their p…[Read more]

  • As much as I can guess, this pretty much depends on how much you have ordered because if you’ve ordered a really big amount then it is not for personal use and these things have legal issues. What was the amount and the cost of your order?

  • Oh yes, I do agree with other people commenting here, I mean, you’ve just got to give it a bit more time and you’re going to be fine. I’m quite sure that you’re going to be alright. In fact, I can say here that it is something very normal and natural for your sex drive to go down after you’ve got clean and after you have been with the same pers…[Read more]

  • Gaston replied to the topic IGF1 results on a GH in the forum IGF Forum 3 years, 2 months ago

    To be honest, I find it to be really really interesting!! Thanks for posting. I have to say that I did have seen this happening around here quite a lot on this forum, and yet, I have not ever heard of any indeed good explanation of all of this as to why this is so. Would really appreciate if someone could explain here. I did have seen people…[Read more]

  • Gaston replied to the topic IGF1 results on a GH in the forum IGF Forum 3 years, 2 months ago

    You have said that on the last test you have had the number of 478 in the time that you have been on the 4 iu protocol. I just wanted to ask, was those 4 iu of godtropin as well that you have got the number of 478? Thanks a lot.

  • Well, I am not very sure if this is going to be working 100% for you but I still think that you might be posing a good chance for getting better if you could get yourself a legit tb-500. I hope that this is going to help you.

  • Hello there everyone, I would really appreciate if someone here could help me. As you can see from the title, I’m currently interested in black tops nr. 32 and I’m interested if there’s anybody out there who is currently using this? I’ve got to mention the fact that I am new to the HGH, however I did have been on it for the last 6 weeks and up…[Read more]

  • Well, I have injected it daily during about 1 week at the beginning, and usually I used to do this after work, or when I know that I’m going to spend some time home because I was worried about the nausea. I was okay, and I didn’t get any nausea at all. The effect comes after about 2 3 days, so don’t expect to have it since the first day, that’…[Read more]

  • That’s true about this effect over libido. I was doing this before, and I have stopped because I didn’t need it more. I think that I will start with an answer to one of your questions. Yes, you have to take it daily to see the effects. I don’t know what you have found on other forums but in case if you are going to take it just when you’ll need to…[Read more]

  • The problem is that I am currently having only a budget of 150 USD so I would really appreciate if you, more experienced members here could tell me where is a good place that I can find in order to get myself a decent good quality hgh at a price that does not exceed this amount.

    What the ffff?!?!? The most expensive thing of absolutely any…[Read more]

  • I totally and completely agree with what has been said up there… in fact I can say that this has always been my logic for pinning at that time, that’s why I agree with what was recommended up there and I would say that this is the best time to do it as well.

  • You know, I just wanted to say something else in regards to this: *And I also think that it must have something to do with what they are feeding them. They are giving them some kind of organic feed now before they bought that, the chickens were eating quinoa LOL!*
    They are best scrambled, or at least in my opinion. They are having some of a very…[Read more]

  • Yeah… there is no doubt in that and you might be right in regards to this… I mean, in regards to this part: * Well, I do believe you guys… but… Walmart is currently selling 60 eggs for only $2.97… and… that’s it…. I mean I do not have to shovel up chicken shit or to worry about their large talons etc. etc. (and I’m quite sure there are many ot…[Read more]

  • Well, right now I am eating anywhere between 4 and 6 eggs and that’s since I am currently on a diet which I am trying to religiously keep mind of it. however, as I said, that’s now that I am on a diet. But on those times when I am trying to grow I am typically eating 8 eggs per day, and there are sometimes when it is with cheese added… but there…[Read more]

  • Well, as much as I saw myself, the Omnitrope which comes in 30 Iu made by Sandoz from Pharmacy $ 260 Canadian Dollars. I have also seen the 126 IU of Serostim kit around there for anywhere in the price range of $1350 to 1450 or so and before the Omnitrope that I am currently using I have been using the 5 mg of Saizen and for that one I have been…[Read more]

  • [quote] Very well, look, there are a lot of therapies that are diminishing the symptoms and I have not tried to say that there are no, however they must not be equated with an accelerated healing process because those are 2 different things we are talking about and I was talking about specifically the healing process.
    As an example, you can…[Read more]

  • Hello there everyone, yeah, this is my first post here on this forum as I just have registered here. I know this is influencing somebody’s views when they see a newcomer but I still decided to say it. and with all due respect as humbly as I can tell this, I would tell you people that absolutely anything and everything that is supporting recovery o…[Read more]