• “’ve got to mention here that in fact, there are many of top pro people who are actually using Increlex and although the product is indeed expensive, I can say with certitude that it is definitely not really really more expensive than the real big pharma GH, to be honest. Let me give you an example:
    People can get anywhere between 36-40 ml at t…[Read more]

  • You want to know how to remain hidden? Well, there’s one very simple answer – you simply can’t! there’s nearly no way you can remain hidden in the digital world. All that stuff is plain bullsh*t. this is because bitcoin is actually leaving a bigger digital trace compared to cash or to WU/MG and that’s a plain fact!

  • Hey there, I would recommend you to try out magnesium and Valerian root as they can be really helpful. Nothing to be worried about, good supplements not only for your problem but for your health in general, no worries about being monitored about the state and good chances to really help you. Of course there’s not an 100% chance that you would g…[Read more]

  • In fact, to be honest, I do think that stairmill it is, in fact, all that you’re going to need for getting in shape really good. I personally am doing 15 minutes of it after every single workout that I have and I also do it 40 minutes on the Saturdays and on the Sundays morning fasted so it does an amazing job so, according to the results that I…[Read more]

  • Well, I am not very sure but as much as I can see, I am thinking that he is actually asking if he is able to mix it in the same syringe both of these things, which, as much as I know, doing that is not actually recommended so indeed, doing that might not be the very best idea ever.

  • I completely agree with the previous poster, the more often you change it the better your levels would be. of course it depends on your general conditions/ statistics, however the same rule applies for everyone – the more often you change it the better it is. I personally need to change my set as often as every 2 days! I personally did have w…[Read more]

  • DonCSung replied to the topic Bitcoin crap in the forum Payment Issues 4 years, 6 months ago

    I have signed up for a bitcoin account the other day, however I absolutely did not loved and I did not send my personal information. Generally I do not like to send such information to anybody, but especially when we are talking about bitcoins, what’s the point out of these bitcoins then? Anyhow, the requires that information, like for example a d…[Read more]

  • Before I have been diagnosed with my diabetes my favorite beverage has been a cup of coffee upon waking as well as a pepsi at my desk for the prolonged energy effect. However my favorite beverage isn’ very healthy for me and my condition so I had to give up on it.

  • LarryTomph, hello there. not sure if this is going to be actually helpful to you but I would share my experience and opinion hoping that it would, in anyway. So, I am now on basal insulin, taking it once per day, and that insulin is called Toujeo 300 if you are going to be interested, as well as a bolus which is being called novarapid (guess you…[Read more]

  • Definitely! I agree, this will be great to have achieved good result. And keeping us informed is a good idea tho. At least I would like to know your progress…

  • I’ll be really shocked if you’re going to have at least the third part of that. You have to understand that it’s quite impossible. But I totally agree with you in case of at least trying to do something, a lot of people have the solution that is going to work 100% but don’t what to do anything for this.

  • I guess you’re going to spend a lot of money with a really little progress…

  • I have never been asked to take of any part from my pump. The thing is that I have always flown with my pump and without any letter requirement from my doctor. I have heard from somebody that actually they don’t have to ask for any letter because they are about how an insulin pump looks and what is used for. I have flown some years ago and I h…[Read more]