• I still think that it is very hard to make any conclusions by checking those numbers. I have seen so many numbers all over the internet from so many people in regards to so many brands out there even including the pharma that makes it so hard to conclude anything. However, I am having no idea about this specific HGH brand.
    But if there are…[Read more]

  • wow, that it is strange that most people here never heard about this letter and that’s because it does sounds to me as if it’s the exact same letter that I have got myself. Or at least, it does sounds to have the same wording about the postal service that it is holding your package for the FDA and so on and so forth with the article sections etc…[Read more]

  • I personally did have tried the clen and t3 from the blue sky and they seem to be good. but as soon as I am going to be done with the contest prep then I am going to give their peptides a try either. Since it has got good words here and based on the experience with other products I expect to have good experience.

  • What’s going for? To be honest, TA it is quite a big deal for me. To be honest, this idea of something so delicate being in the postal system for quite a few weeks, in the conditions they are being transported and ESPECIALLY with the warmer weather that it is coming now, it definitely turns me off in ordering it. to be honest, for me, quite a f…[Read more]

  • “ell, you know, I have mentioned the fact that I am not sure as I have only heard about these things and I have heard about these issues from more than just one place and you know, when you hear identical things from multiple sources it makes you believe that it must be true. In the end, I have not blamed Pharmacom for anything and in fact, I do…[Read more]

  • I have never tried it myself, however I have only heard something about it and it is that it was rubbish. Not very sure though. Plus to that, I have also heard that there are fakes that are going around too so if you decide to give it a go, make sure you won’t get a fake product. But in the end I would still recommend to stay away from it.

  • Oh yeah, what has been said up there is 100% true, be sure in that. I’m talking about this:

    Hey there OP, you just need to get your IGF 1 Levels checked out and only by those levels you could decide. Pretty much as other people here have already mentioned this – the side effects are not, in fact, a very good way to determine if the GH it is wor…

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  • Oh well, I personally liked it (well, in fact, I mean that I didn’t liked it to be honest, only some crazy people can like the cardio stuff) to do HIIT cardio, however incorporating some other things like for example such as box jumps, tire flips or maybe heavy kettlebell swings and so on and so forth as there are many other things that you are a…[Read more]

  • Well… I have been thinking to use around 75 mcg of it post work out (4 times per week) for like 3 weeks. And why… well, because IMO it is one of the *middlest* dosage… I mean, while I can get benefits, I am still trying to stay safe.

  • And yeah, by the way, Sheriff00, I also forgot to mention earlier that the best book that you could have is your log book, just keep on running it daily… and try to keep writing and having there every single detail and write the measurements in little details as well… and nots too and then decide for yourself. You know that these things are wor…[Read more]

  • Well, I can’t actually say very much since I personally have never ran it so there’s nothing I could say from experience. However, will be running the LR 3 for the first time now in a few weeks and maybe after that I could come back with some updates/ experiences.

    As for the IGF, as much as I know, it should be honestly used for only 2 pur…[Read more]

  • Absolutely and totally agree with what has been said up there and that’s especially on the last part as of this: however I truly think that it may be something to do with the food that they are giving to them which is actually making them to taste so so good and so, maybe they are not all as good as what I have had. Whichever the case there IS a B…[Read more]

  • Well thank you very much, very informative and now I know for sure what to do.

  • How should I do it? to inject it in the morning and then before workout or better to implement the injections during the day.

  • Hey guys I really need your help. I’m a newbie in case of peptides usage, never tried before even if I’m going to gym for more than 12 years now. I’m 27 years old and 198cm with 85kg. Not so long ago I decided to try to use peptides at least some of them that I have heard that are really worth and I would like to hear your opinion about this and a…[Read more]