• Umm… I definitely appreciate that you have shared this with us, this might indeed be very helpful for me, however, could you, please, explain what this means for somebody like me who is suffering from an inflammatory disease and I can’t cope with it in any other methods than to use anti inflammatories on a daily basis? Obviously, I was not exp…[Read more]

  • And yeah, to be honest, that’s the right thing to do

    I knew that I might get such kind of responses but that’s ok as I understand it. but I have say that I was not even thinking about doing it and using insulin. I guess I should have mentioned that in my first post. I have only been wondering what it did and what’s the benefits (reasons) as the b…

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  • Yes, to be honest, I do think that quite an amount of it is, in the end, a mental thing. But except for that and the rest left is, in my opinion, the burnt out dopamine in my brain that I have done with my lifestyle. And by the way, I am currently on 2 pins into a test E cycle as I have started recently and so, I am going to check it how the…[Read more]

  • You’re being serious in saying that? This is a Human Growth Hormone forum where people are discussing taking of HGH, steroids, peptides, insulin, and many other drugs/ substances that may put your health at risk, some of them carry their own and others are carrying similar risks of getting sexual health ruined in the long run. Do you honestly t…[Read more]

  • So, as much as you can see, I would really appreciate if someone can help me with this question. I have got clean from psychoactive drugs now for about the last half a year or so and I am having an extremely low sex drive. In fact, I would say that I have no sex drive at all now. I would say that I feel as if it is like about the second or third…[Read more]

  • Oh yeah, you’ve noticed it alright as it does it all the time. that’s for sure. It has drove us all mad. Will only use sure t right now. it just needs a change every 2 days, however I do know that it is going to work 100% of the time!

  • First of all, thank you for the information, now I clearly know what to do. Secondly my routine was always the same, I mixed 1ml of injection water with 10 iu powder form than injected 60 units as usual which is = to 6iu. So after some minutes I started to feel like I’m going to die, and this is really unpleasant sensation, thanks God, my gf w…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone, so I’m really worried about what happened with me today; I still don’t know how to explain it and I need your help. So everything started this morning when I woke up and as usually I wanted to inject the 6iu SQ. My routine never changed and I have never had bad side effects or any other problems related to the amount of iu I’m using…[Read more]

  • DieGoGoGo replied to the topic HGH and Thyroid in the forum HGH Forum 3 years, 6 months ago

    You are getting prescribed amphetamines? Or you take them without a doctor to know about it? and if you’re getting them prescribed, what does a doctor prescribe you those amphetamines for? Are you suffering from the ADHD?

    No I am not taking them by myself, I get them prescribed by my doctor because, yeah, I do have ADHD, unfortunately, and I a…[Read more]

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    Oh well… I have been diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroid and this means that it is not functioning perfectly normal… however not to that point where they would typically prescribe any medicines, but the real problem is that in the future I am going, to, most likely, need it and that’s why I am so afraid right now. I am having some relat…[Read more]

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    Hello everybody.
    Not so long ago I have started to use the HGH and I am currently using the 2.5 iu per day dose. Underlying ‘subclinical hypothyroidism’, normal t3 and t4, tsh high around 7 or so. with all of this being said, I am having some questions which I really hope I’m going to get some answers.
    First one – does it virtually guarant…[Read more]

  • Oh God I use Insight too, but I have never experienced something similar ,this is really disturbing especially because I think that I’m going to be more fixed on what can happen and this is bad. Okay, anyway I would like to thank you, some good information for people that are using insulin is always accepted.