• One week or 2 weeks it doesn’t matter as long as you get a good HGH. I tell you this from my experience as after only 4 days of being on 5 iu per day of Chinese HGH my IGF 1 has been at 360 which is pretty much double the number of baseline. With this being said, yeah, 1 week is going to be just enough to tell if your HGH works. If it shows no r…[Read more]

  • I’m really sorry that you have got scammed but there’s a question I have?? Why you have went for the generic for only the 28 extra iu? I mean, it is definitely not worth it. the price for that generic is super ultra high and in the end you’ve even got scammed. What I am trying to say is that for the price you’ve paid, you can get 72 iu of genotro…[Read more]

  • Lol, no, definitely not, however to be honest I do prepare for going for a pretty hard feat of sub 10 2 miles.
    But you know, this is all only for the first week as, after that, I am most likely going to be having a dose of anywhere between 4000 to 6000 IU or so, not sure, as it mostly depends on the blood levels I would have then. Whatever the…[Read more]

  • To be honest, I still think that 200 bucks for a week (or at very least, loading phase) it is still quite expensive to be honest, but yeah that’s still much better compared to the other prices. in the end I can guess that it is simply the fact that EPO itself it is super expensive and that’s it.

  • Thanks but just wanted to ask, what are the prices like out there? I mean, if they are sky high, as I earlier said, I do not actually need such sources as I found them myself either. Gotta mention that the only other prices that I have found here cost extremely much, something like a 600 USD for literally only a week supply.

  • I guess I have not explained myself good enough. I did have tried to look up for older posts before posting there and I did mentioned earlier that I did have done a research myself online before actually writing this post as I’m not the type of guy who just goes on a forum and asks for immediate help without doing a research myself first. And a…[Read more]

  • Hello there everyone, I would really appreciate if you could help me a little bit with my question. I am interested in finding out where do all the top athletes are getting EPO from? I’ve been trying to get an answer myself by doing a bit of research but it seems that all my trying is useless, at least so far. I’ve been searching for a lot of sou…[Read more]

  • Hey there, I’m very sorry to hear this

    The problem is that I did have used a few sources that I’ve obtained from research I’ve done and I am quite sure that I have got some bunk Cialis and I also ordered Viagra lately and both of them turned out to be bunk. For this reason I’m quite hesitant to try something I don’t know and also that’s wh…

    [Read more]

  • The first thing that came into my mind by reading your post is the fact that the extra stuff is surely not going to hurt you, instead it can be helpful, this is the reason why if I would be you I would definitely try it out and see if it works. especially since you do have chances that everything’s going to work out just fine for you. that’s bec…[Read more]

  • DavID replied to the topic on HHCG yet hungry help in the forum HCG Forum 3 years, 7 months ago

    Well, from as much as it sounds from your post, it really does seems to me as he does needs to go up a little bit on his dosage, pretty much for the reasons you’ve mentioned earlier, and that’s why I do think that trying to get the dosage up from 10 to 12 drops 3 times per day it does makes sense, or at least he could only give a try. If the…[Read more]

  • DavID replied to the topic there's day 0 or not? in the forum HCG Forum 3 years, 8 months ago

    Hey there, I hope this is going to be helpful. Your HCG round it is being counted by the number of the injections, and not the VLCD days so pay attention to this. by saying this it means that you are able to count the VLCD days however you like yourself without any problems.
    What I want to say is: 40 days is equal to 38 of injection (VLCD) days…[Read more]

  • Well… you know. At 21 years old I am pretty sure that you shouldn’t start taking anything, HGHs should be taken later, but not mentioning about AAS (Anabolic Androgenic Steroids). I am thinking that I myself have started way too early and that’s while I started at 25. But anyway, if you’re here to learn then you’ve come to the right place. Th…[Read more]

  • Oh well… have you ever run GH if this is your first shot at PEDs then I would recommend you to run a test cycle… the GH it is absolutely any kind of miracle worker that you can only get 100 iu for this price point you mentioned and when you are done running it then it is going to be pissed 6 months, that’s pretty much the minimum amount of the t…[Read more]

  • DavID replied to the topic clomid for boosts in the forum General Advice 3 years, 10 months ago

    In addition to that I must say that I am currently on Lexapro as well, and that is why I am thinking that it could help me with in this regard, am I wrong?

    You know… adding clomid in there it is a mistake and it is very possible that this is going to be a really really bad mistake! So is using Lexapro alone in my own opinion… but I assume (or…[Read more]

  • So well, this is not actually a study, however an article, an article on think steroids and it is named: ‘Thyroid Hormone + Growth Hormone – If You Aren’t Using T4 with Your GH, You’re Not Doing It Right’ and it is posted back in 2006.
    I recommend you to read the entire article but the most important that I wanted to highline here is:

    [Read more]

  • Hello there everyone. I would like to get an answer to my question if there’s someone who can help. Well, there are quite a few postings on the internet that are saying ‘urging’ the user to use the T4 instead of T3 with the HGH. so… is that so far proven to be a better combination? Please explain as I can’t actually understand. Thanks in advance f…[Read more]

  • Anyway, if you’re so worried about the time injecting then most sources say that it is the safest to do in the morning… and yeah, I also do it… I inject it… it’s the first thing that I do in the morning.. at least that’s what I am doing…

  • To be honest I am thinking that we are getting way too caught up in this timing stuff and even if this does makes any changes, it is no really big at all.
    The IFBB pro that I have spent some time with has been just so so haphazard with everything that it blew my mind… there are, in fact, absolutely no special protocols or drug secrets because a…[Read more]

  • I’m telling you that you don’t know what are you talking about, inform yourself about the generic HGH Assay, and AAA testing which doesn’t prove that generic are superior or at least that generic product are the same as pharm HGH, but it proves that actually they are sure 100%. I’m not telling you shit, and this is something that everyone here ca…[Read more]

  • This is not logic… and I told you that you’re not informed actually, because there are a lot of generic sources that are selling real hgh to their customers, and this is proved by multiple test done in order to see this. Trust me that is generic hgh actually will have something dangerous in there, it wouldn’t be available for me and for you at al…[Read more]

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