• By reading all this thread and mainly – the first OP’s post , I am now wondering – OP, what are the results that you’re hoping to obtain from using it.

  • Did I mentioned that they are selling bunk peptides? I’ve never said that they are bunk, I just said that they are completely useless for me as they were doing nothing else than just to make me hungry. And I personally have never seen them to do anything for anybody else out there after all of the years of being around them. it is not the fact t…[Read more]

  • I remember that when the IGF Lr3 has appeared for the first time, I have got really curious and I have got 2 mg of it for approximately 150 USD if I remember it correctly, however what I do remember for sure is that the product has worked for sure, it worked like charm! But if my memory serves me right, this has been a long long time ago, like 10…[Read more]

  • Genotropin HGH

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