• Omnitrope HGH

    Omnitrope is the second HGH product that I have tried in my life and it works amazing so I do recommend it to other people as well. I have started to run it a while ago and I see absolutely no difference between Omnitrope and Humatrope – the first HGH product that I have ever t…[Read more]


    I have ordered humatrope for the first time and I have ordered from this vendor for the first time, I couldn’t be more happy. I have ordered one month and a some days ago and I have got this product called humatrope from this vendor one month ago. I have ordered it and it has a…[Read more]

  • Humatrope HGH

    A while ago I have ordered for the first time humatrope. I have never tried other products in this family so there’s nothing I can compare this thing with, however I have been waiting for the package of humatrope like there’s no tomorrow and luckily, it has appeared quite soon and…[Read more]