• Thanks for those recommendations and recipes that I’ve got there, they sound really yummy! Thanks, I mean, I am talking about Pretend Ranch! Will definitely try it out! I have been doing my Pretend Honey Mustard for a good while now but I just can’t take it anymore as I’m sick of it. your recipes comes really handy so I’m thankful!

  • Hey there OP, you have said that we should not accept absolutely any gains at all, none, here:

    and one last tip I have for you is… after you have religiously followed the first 2 steps and you have achieved your weight then it is important to weigh every single day and check not to gain absolutely anything! You should not accept any gains at a…

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  • So, hi all. here’s a recap to it all. I have done RX until I’ve reached VLCD13, I have then changed to HHCG. So here’s the problem… I have then blasted through my left over bottle of HHCG that I have had from a couple of years ago now. and I have then had also found some other old/ open one that I’ve had to use in the time that I have been wait…[Read more]

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    oh my god, wow, that’s just amazing, that’s AWESOME! 49 pounds. Wow! How did you do that?! those are super results I tell you… I am currently starting the round 4, loading tomorrow (but really starting tonight!), I just can’t seem to maintain the loss afterwards! Anyhow, it all sounds amazing I tell you!

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    Well, hi there everybody, I just have arrived home from the gym 2 hrs ago and I do notice that I see myself bigger now and I can see some water retention as well.. in addition to that I just have measured my weight and I have now gained 4.4 lbs in only 3 days (this is the time since I have started to use the clomid)… in all this time I have not c…[Read more]

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    You know… adding clomid in there it is a mistake and it is very possible that this is going to be a really really bad mistake! So is using Lexapro alone in my own opinion… but I assume (or better said, I hope that at least) it is prescribed to you by a professional doctor?

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    Oh well… thanks for replying and for your honest input… so well, I am just thinking that then I am going to keep it at 25 mg taking the same way, I mean – on Monday, on Wednesday and on Friday. And yeah, I do know very well that it greatly depends on every person and not everybody is getting all of those side effects that you are talking up there…[Read more]

  • Hello there everyone, I hope that I could get some answers here please… I do realize that to get some help I need to share some info about me and so… I’m currently 26 years old and I have been looking for something to give me a hormonal boost, however without starting juice.
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  • In fact I do think that you need to use the testosterone despite what your friend has told you. I am quite sure that you are going to need it on trenbolone and as you said about what you have heard that test it is a must when on tren that’s true. in case you do not believe me then you just got to get the bloods drawn in the time you are on the c…[Read more]

  • I always use to fly from America to Europe, and I have never had troubles during the security process. They have never asked me to disconnect it and actually I have never had any kind of letter of note from my doctor. The only thing that differentiates you from other ordinary people that doesn’t have the pump is the fact that the security c…[Read more]

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    well, thank you very much for this really really informative and useful post. although I am using HHCG for a while now and I did have searched for information about it online, I still have found some really useful information. I imagine that it must be SUPER informative for one who is a complete newbie on this. whichever the case, my bottle does…[Read more]