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    Thanks guys, thank you so so much both of your for all your help, that’s indeed very helpful information for me and that’s the reason why I started this thread, I felt that I can get a lot of help here. this all helps a lot. I am going through a lot of pain as I’m having an 12 mm herniated disc in my lower back and as much as you can guess – tha…[Read more]

  • Hello there everybody, I would really appreciate if someone could help me with some advices as I’m really scared since there’s something wrong going around as much as it seems.
    So, got to start off by saying that I have been stabilizing pretty well for the first week of the P3, however there’s something going wrong as I have started to gain slowl…[Read more]

  • Surely those drops are good and I know it because I have used them myself in some other rounds and they have helped me a lot. They are Intermountain. Anyhow, thanks for the recommendations, I am going to let my brother know about this and will try 12 drops. Thanks for everything!

  • Hello there everyone, I would really appreciate if someone, who is more experienced than me in these things, could help me a little bit in regards to the HHCG and, as I said in my title. Still hungry. I am not talking about myself but about my brother who has started not so long ago to use the HHCG drops and he is on 10/3x per day of them. my…[Read more]

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    noko, it is not 43, it’s just 40 as it was said.

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    I have had some awesome results myself too. 8/27- 8/29 loaded and you know… I mean REALLY REALLY loaded. 8/30 – 9/22 phase 1 and I have lost 29 lbs without a single problem in this time. you know, in fact, there were moments when I have had to force myself to eat as I have not been hungry at all… it has been said that females historically are l…[Read more]

  • CamperPlace thank you very and very much for your information! I really appreciate it a lot! To be honest, I’ve gotta admit that I am a little bit scared about the entire needles thing as I am getting a bit light headed each time when I am getting a shot from the doctor… and that’s whereas my doctor gives me the shot… can’t actually imagine t…[Read more]

  • Hello there. I would appreciate if some of you could help me with this question and if you could be answering some more of questions that I have which I am going to write down here. Well, I’ve gotta start off by saying that I am currently thinking about doing the Simeon Protocol and so I have been wondering what it is the difference in the i…[Read more]

  • Oh yeah, I gotta agree that it really does sounds to be really delicious with an amazing taste MokaBun. And although I don’t know, I can guess that it really must keep you moving. I do have an espresso machine, however it is not the pod one type. That one really seem to be so much more easier to use. Is that true?

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    as soon as I have seen your post and immediately looked at my bottle… it doesn’t say to activate them either. never seen this recommended as well. only you recommended it. and since I’ve seen it recommended I did have tried this method to ‘activate them’ and so I can say that I have tried both ways now. you know… indeed, I did have lost sli…[Read more]

  • So well… you should be prepared of the thing that they are going to send you a letter in your mail that we are all affectionately are calling that a ‘love letter’ or you can also see it called in short: LL. Well, generally this is simply gonna be the extent of the laws involvement in this issue. Anyhow, as it has already been mentioned by someo…[Read more]

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    hey there everyone… can you please help me with some of my few questions that I have in regards to the HCG? I am not a very experienced person and so I was hoping that maybe some of you here could help me with some of them. from the information that I have read online, I saw that the HCG is just helping to control the appetite but I think that i…[Read more]