• I really think that you don’t have to stay so stressed because of that little piece, I have never heard about such a case before but I can assure you that nothing is going to happen. The thing is that if you can’t relax about it you can actually talk to your doctor or maybe with a pharmacist they will know better.

  • Hey everyone here, can I get a bit of your help, please? I am having something similar to this thread so that’s why I decided to post it here. Well, I have purchased the IM by mistake not so long ago and now I want to inject in my fat and not in my muscles so that’s quite a problem due to the fact that I don’t know where to inject in my muscl…[Read more]

  • So I have heard too about the side effects that can happen when you use more iu at the night in comparison with the morning, the biggest part of people that have experienced something wrong, or so called “harmful” was related to the tired feeling that you get after some week of this routine. If you still wonder what to do, I propose you to use and…[Read more]

  • I’m going to start my hgh routine. As I have never done it before it is a little bit unknown for me the procedure of dosage and some other actions that I have to take as long as I start it. I’m a newbie if talking directly, but I’m generally informed very well about all the things that I have to do. First of all I would like to be sure, as I have…[Read more]

  • There is a possibility to become diabetic because of a higher insulin dosage used, but this is not something that communally happens and in order to feel secure and sure that you ain’t going to experience something like that I recommend you to create a strategy related to the insulin usage and how often. For example in order to take care about w…[Read more]

  • Of course, the difference it really big. I used to add a higher dosage of insulin to my already existing dosage of gh and I think that is better to do after working out. Trust me the result will amaze you, in comparison with others that barely before I started to use insulin this way as I described I was recommended to use it in a smaller dosage…[Read more]

  • I’m not sure that the amount of iu used is going to change something, it’s just because now, when I’m rethinking about the amount that I have used that was 8iu and the amount the I have used some year ago that was 4iu is something that didn’t made me feel really different. I think that the only thing that can help once you decided to rise the gh…[Read more]

  • Um well… I’m very sorry for such a late response, I don’t know how I have missed your post with those questions… I am really sorry for this… anyway, I am going to try to help you now for whatever it might be good for now…

    So well, I am going to have to get that paperwork that I had from my endo, it has been back ago, 3 years ago in like 2014.…[Read more]

  • Hi there everyone. I am having a question that I think it is one of the most strange question that has ever been asked here or maybe in general in regards to HGH. Whatever the case… here it goes like this… Is there any way to somehow (of course, preferably it would be to legally) SELL HGH that you have purchased with a legit doctor’s presc…[Read more]

  • hey there OP, have you already heard how your father is doing now? I mean, have you got any other call? if yes please update it here.

    well, I would imagine that since you said your dad is having Alzheimers then there are going to be some kind of additional factors or something like that that would allow for (disruption of routine, change of…[Read more]

  • yes indeed, they did have increased it but only my levothyroxin… in regards of the drowsiness I would say that it is most likely from not enough thyroid replacement. I mean, I am not a doctor and I can’t know for sure, but it is likely to be so, better tell about that to your doctor and he’s gonna be able to tell you a better answer IMO. but y…[Read more]

  • hi there everybody… I am going to try to help you about this… I will try because I have been on growth hormone for almost a year myself and it was really helpful. I have stopped to take it because I have got pregnant after a year of being on it and since there is no research that is saying either it is fine to take it while you are pregnant or not…[Read more]