• Hi there guys. I would really like to talk only with those who have sources and that’s it. I’ve just been wondering where I would be able to purchase Humalog rapid acting insulin? I would like to get a trusted source if possible. Thanks a lot for everything.

  • Hey there everyone, I was not sure where it is the proper place to post this thing so I hope this is the best place. so, as the title says, how do you people remain hidden while paying for stuff? I just wanted to know how to remain hidden and as much as I know, pretty much the only way to do so is with bitcoin, is this true? Well, I can see that…[Read more]

  • Except for the fact that I do agree with everything that has been mentioned above as this is all true there’s something else to mention which is that using too much (for prolonged time) insulin, it could create a tolerance as well, which is another big problem to my opinion. And another thing to know is that insulin sensitivity is optimal d…[Read more]

  • And by the way, I am very sorry that I have asked a simply question, but asking a simple question is just asking for a simple answer and that’s it! It is all only a chemistry thing and it is not an opinion of a thing, I needed and educate answer and not your opinion. I’m talking about this post:

    Well, that’s a really good example of how to ac…

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  • Lots of thanks for this, that’s the exact answer that I have bene searching for, again, I really appreciate it so thank you very much!

  • Just to make it a little bit more clear for ya all – in case I am having 12 iu per hgh vial and I am mixing it 1:1 and I am only going to be dosing 3 iu a dose then, then how this could be just SO SO dangerous as you’re trying to tell me? It is not like I am going to be pinning the 10 iu which indeed can be dangerous, but I only want to do the 3 i…[Read more]

  • well, thanks for trying to answer and for your posts, however none of them is answering the question at all and there’s not a single helpful post, plus to that I am not going to be baited with your passive aggressive comments you made out there which, was expectable, to be honest.
    First off I need to mention here the fact that the dosage it is n…[Read more]

  • So well, to be honest, I didn’t know where to post this but then I thought that maybe not everyone who knows information about HGH might answer this question but I stand a better chance that people who browse such a site and are here, on the insulin part of the forum, they have a higher chance to answer my question. I am not very sure if t…[Read more]

  • Hey there OP, I have to ask you something in regards to this:

    so here’s the thing – a few days into the use of the cannula does seems to stop absorbing the insulin into me, or at least it is decreasing the absorption rate pretty significantly?

    How much it is a few days? you should be more specific here. Like for example Medtronic says that you…[Read more]

  • There is no difference the PT-141 in found in melatonan 2, and it’s the substance that is offering you the effect that you desire, the melatonan as a medication is going to provoke you more tan on your body than libido effect. That’s why using PT-141 is more effective as it requires less dosage for the effect, in comparison with melatonan 2, tha…[Read more]

  • The dosage required is equal for everybody. Anyway I know that PT-141 can make a difference on the effect and it is required a lower dosage in comparison with melatonan II. Melatonan II is practical too, but it is required to be used more mg, and besides of this you are going to become really tan.

  • Admiand replied to the topic leaky pump sites in the forum Insulin Forum 4 years, 2 months ago

    I use the insight, and 3 times I have had a wet cannula and I found out that this was because of a failure. It’s important for me to understand the right cannula for me, my cannula for the very first beginning was 8mm when actually I needed it to be 6mm, it seems so silly 8mm and 6mm but makes a lot of difference actually when you change it as t…[Read more]